Top 10 Lists 2003

Album of the year

Film of the year

Book of the year

Top Music

  1. Radiohead - Hail the thief
  2. White Stripes - Elephant
  3. The Strokes - Room on fire
  4. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
  5. The Rapture - Echoes

Top Films

  1. Lord of The Rings: Return of the King
  2. Kill Bill : Volume 1
  3. Adaptation
  4. Donnie Darko
  5. City of God
  6. The Pirates of the Carribean
  7. Lord of The Rings: Two Towers


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Scott Balikian

These are, of course, just in the order that I thought of them. By no means, could I rank them in a proper order. For the CD swap, the songs at the beginning of the disc represent those artists who paid a premium to have their songs listed first. Please keep in mind, it only costs you $500/song to get on the disc while track 1 carries an additional $700 premium with track 2 at $600, track 3 at $500 and so on.*smirk*

Let me also say that this year saw me starting a record label with 2 friends. And yes, our two releases are in my list, but I figure if you plop down gobs of cash on a band, you really must like them.

Top 10ish albums I listened to in 2003:
1. Downpilot - Leaving Not Arriving - Shameless plug #1. However, this disc has remained a staple of my collection since I first heard it this summer. Lush is the word.
2. Lift to Experience - Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads - I want to thank this list for hipping me to this band. I think this disc was in my list last year too. R.I.P. Lift!
3. The Reindeer Section - Son of Evil Reindeer - picked this up on a whim and listened to it non-stop for a month
4. LA Symphony - Composition #1 - So Cal hip hop. They pick up where The Pharcyde left off.
5. Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life - I believe this album will be on my list for the remainder of my life.
6. Visqueen - King Me - Shameless plug #2 - 10 songs. 10 bucks. straight up catchy punk rawk with Kim Warnick from the Fastbacks.
7. Clem Snide - Ghost of Fashon, Soft Spot, Live in Milwaukee - OK, so I am a HUGE Clem Snide fan. Ghost was not released this year. Soft Spot was. Live is a boot There's a pretty active trading group of CS shows, but this is by far the best recording I've heard.
8. The Verve - Urban Hymns - sorry, another oldy, but my roommate just replaced the copy he lost a long time ago, so I listened to this pretty steady this year. Never really liked it, though when it initially came out.
9. Tom Waits - Dime Store Novels vol. 1 - Live album from 1974 re-released over in Europe. Beautiful album.
10. David Holmes - Come Get It. I Got It. - I about died listening to the Muddy Waters song on here.
11. Cousteau - Sirena - Roommate was way into these guys. Picked this album up after seeing them live a couple years back.
12. World Party - Egyptology, Goodbye Jumbo - GJ was another replacement from the roommate, hence, listening to it all over again.
13. Iron and Wine - The Creek Drank the Cradle
14. The Legendary Shack Shakers - Cockadoodledon't - Argh, I lost this disc. I was listening to it non-stop and now it's gone!!!

Honorable Mentions:
The Buff Medways - This is This - picked up for a buck.
The Feelies - Only Life - got ahold of again this year after a long, long absence.
Geto Boys - Till Death Do Us Part - certainly not considered one of their best, but it's my fave!
Gil Scott-Heron - Ghetto Style - my iPod *really* likes this album, so I do too!
The Rapture - Echoes - Just got this recently, but I really like it.

Scott Walker - "Jackie" - I want to make a film based on this song!
The Bar-Kays - "You Can't Run Away" - I swore George Michael had covered this, but was never able to confirm it.
Matthew Sweet - "Sick of Me" - Oh. My. Gawd.
Weezer - "Suzanne" - I played this at my friend, Suzanne's wedding in Montana as she rode her old dutch bike down from a barn to where she was getting hitched. I forgot to play the wedding march after it. It wasn't missed, though.
Junior Kimbrough - "You Better Run" - a chilling song about a woman about to get raped, her rescuer and this line, "Baby, you still might get raped/Junior, you don't gotta rape me, cause I loooove you."
The Roots - "The Seed 2.0 (featuring Cody Chesnutt)" - Let's face it, you ain't nobody till you've been "featured" on someone else's song!

De La Soul, Black Eyed Peas, Common - Baltic Room - Seattle. So this was a sunday night during Bumbershoot. I was bummed we missed their Bumbershoot show earlier that day, so I resigned myself to a lazy night at the Baltic Room with some friends. As a joke, I said they were playing there that night. Turned out, it was no joke. Maceo schooled the place in Hip Hop 101. We had to stop drinking cause we couldn't reach the bar anymore. Standing on charis dancing. It was a beautiful night. I grinned for a week!
Audioslave - Lollapalooza - Seattle, Washington - this one surprised me. Had free tickets. Didn't even like their recorded stuff. I don't know if Chris Cornell was just psyched to be back in his hometown or what, but it was electric.
The Darkness, Kaito, British Sea Power - SXSW Austin, Texas - Walked in during The Darkness and had this expression on my face: WE ARE NOT READY FOR THE DARKNESS!!!. Kaito(pix) rocked the shit out of the place and British Sea Power (pix) were too hell bent on making news by throwing their guitars in peoples' faces and launching stools from 30 feet above.
Clem Snide- SXSW Austin, The Crocodile Seattle - 2x - I loved CS all three times I saw them this year. SXSW and their recent Croc show were the stand outs. Their cover of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" is what that song should have been!
Pix + the next few pictures...
Camper van Beethoven - SXSW Austin - Pix
The Legendary Shack Shakers - Bloodshot Records party at Yard Dogs, SXSW Austin - ripping set. In fact, all these BBQ parties were killer. The bands were more relaxed and ready to play.
The Witches - Lava Lounge, SXSW Austin - These guys are from Detroit and they are here to kick your ass!
Bugz in the Attic - The Baltic Room, Seattle - Saw this show 2 weeks ago courtesy of Sun|Tzu Sound! Very fun.

Oh god. Films. What to put in here. I guess there are the usual - Lord of the Rings and Matrix, but here are some others that stood out:

Kill Bill vol 1 - did not expect to like this!
About Schmidt - not at the top of my list, but just saw it recently so it's in my mind. Very odd and disturbing. I prayed my parents hadn't seen it. They had.
28 Days Later - never been a big zombie movie fan, but I loved this film. That is until the protagonist shaved his beard and hair and turned all hunky on us. *smirk*
The Salton Sea - This movie kicked ass! I would say Val Kilmer's best film to date.
24 Hour Party People - Yeah!
Klute - I just saw this this year and loved it. I thought Donald Sutherland was awkward enough and Jane Fonda was at her best.
Wag the Dog - of course, not a recent film, but one everyone should see in today's political climate.
Rashomon - yes. a weird film - along with 81/2 - which I also saw this year.
Full Frontal - This could have very easily been a train wreck in any other director's hands. Steven Soderbergh managed to pull this off nicely.

Other events this past year:

Started a record label - probably the biggest and what causes the most headaches. BlueDisguise Records
Got a Dog

Also, another plug for another site I am doing for fun - Rock Show T-Shirts. My friend, Dan *Corcoran* (no relation to our beloved Tom) and I came up with this idea while bored at the Kaito show at SXSW. We take pictures of people in their t-shirts at shows. I was hoping I could get other people involved and submitting pictures from other shows around the country, but right now, it's just shows I've attended:

Also, please note I will be making a disc of my fave tunes as mentioned above for a swap, but probably after the holidays!

Enda Bates

1. Radiohead - Hail to the Theif
The best band in the world, no question, and a great album too, nuff said!

2. M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
A french dup who sound like My bloody valentine crossed with mogwai and air,,,as good as it sounds.

3. Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People
Beautiful stuff, with a surprisingly unironic title, Really nice stuff, and really loud in all the right parts.

4. The Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra - Born into Trouble
Another Godspeed offshoot band, not quite so loud but very nice indeed.

5. Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around
Amazing, almost like hes saying goodbye in your ear, 'hurt' is especially amazing.

6. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
I had lost this album for years but I bought it again this year. Simply the best Irish album of all time. Nothing sounded like it before and nothing has sounded like it since.

7. Donnacha Costello - Together is the new alone
Great irish glitch minimalist electronica with shades of Brian Eno.

8. Do make say think - Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead Another Godspeed offshoot, more guitar based but deadly all the same.

9. Unkle - Never, Never Land.
No DJ Shadow, nut still great, especially "an Eye for an Eye", the scariest animated video ever!

10. Schneider TM - Zoomer
German electronica with the odd acoustic guitar and some vocals. Brilliant, I'd like to hear much more of this kind of music.

Best Gigs.
1. Radiohead - the point theatre, Dublin December 04.
2. M83 - the sugar club, Dublin November 03.
3. Schieder TM - the village, Dublin December 03.

Nest Websites!
deadly, very weird, lots of mad flash stuff goin on.
great, especially the Q&A page.

Best films
1. Donnie Darko
weird and wonderful, I'm still not sure what it was about
2. City of god
brazilian mafia,,,,,what more do you want!
3. The Return of the King
Do I need to say anything

Garbhán Blake

I'll always look back on the year 2003 as the year of the Special Olympics. It ressurected my faith and belief in the people of this island, as for once we forgot about the speeding Celtic Tiger lifestyle, our new found comforts and lofty expectations to take a little time out for something that made a difference.

I was based in Croke Park on the logistics team (the only way I'll get to Croke Park on any team), it was tough work and we put in some very long hours, but everybody was really positive, up for a laugh and eager to work. I felt that we were lucky with the people on our team, but by all accounts it seems like this was the norm across all teams and venues. We were on 'crowd control' for the Opening Ceremony - just on the left of the stage where the athletes we coming in from Clonliffe road. The locals were cheering the teams on the way into Croke Park, but to see the faces of the athletes as they walked into the noise and colour filled stadium was amazing. Nelson Mandela, Mohammad Ali, U2, Heather Locklier (!) wandering past - incredible - Ali's arrival prompted hundreds of athletes to get up from their seats on the pitch and just walk towards him. Just thinking about it now sends a shiver down the back of my neck.

Towards the end I just stood and looked from the front of the stage around Croke Park - just in an attempt to take it all in - words cannot descibe the sight or the athmosphere - fantastic. There were so many events that I often recall - swapping our volunteer jackets with athletes tracksuits at the closing ceremony - getting a high five when everyone was leaving the stadium, then finding a queue of athletes waiting to do the same - the Iraq entourage all wearing Cavan jerseys - the U2 soundcheck - frantically handing out glowsticks - tearing around Croke Park on golf buggies - the Brazilian teams message of thanks at the closing ceremony, but most of all the goodwill, friendliness and positive attitude of everyone involved.

Apart from this, I have, as ever, broken my annual resolution to keep a diary of gigs/films during the year. I've put the list together, but no doubt I'll see most of the stuff I've forgotten when everyone else's list is circulated.

Live events / gigs
1. Special Olympics Opening ceremony, Croke Park
2. Smog, Whelan's
3. Wexford vs Cork, All-Ireland semi-final, Croke Park
4. Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man, Ambassador
5. Suede, Ambassador
6. Apres Match, Vicar St.
7. Teenage Fanclub, Ambassador
8. Interpol, The Village
9. Ween, Ambassador
10. Glengarry, Glenross. Driocht

1. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Regard the end
2. Supper - Smog
3. Roberta Flack - First Take
4. The Strokes - Room on Fire
5. Herbert - bodily functions
6. Bonnie Prince Billy - Ease down the road
7. Otis Redding - Best of
8. Radiohead - Hail to the thief
9. White Stripes - Elephant
10. Emmy Lou Harris - Stumble Into Grace

Best Compilations
Mix CDs from Murph 'n' Jo - non-stop listening for a couple of months.

Most memorable CD
Dave's Wedding disc, I still get dehydrated every time I listen to it!

Track of the year
Mad World - Micheal Andrews (Tears for Fears cover from the Donnie Darko soundtrack)

Films (in no particular order)
City of God
Igby goes down
Lord of the Rings - Two Towers
Donnie Darko
25th Hour
Kill Bill
About Schmidt
Punch Drunk Love

Worst film
Gangs of New York (except for another fine performance by Daniel Day Lewis)

Gerard Cagney

I love that clientel album but i can imagine people not liking it so have a listen before you get it! other good albums not mentioned are calexico, loose fur, flaming lips, black dice and maybe the darkness. you always say not to restrict to new releases and i ignore you but the albums i lisented to most were george harrison ‘all things must pass’, the best of sam & dave, and this free cd from some music magazine about music that influenced the joshua tree. for a single, a remix of ‘truth and rights’ on a zero7 compilation type thing was my favourite. best gig was john cale or hilary hahn for classical. best gig for 2004 might be planxty at vicar street so get your tickets! can’t believe i am in dublin a year, highlight was bumping into sinead lennon at work on about the second week!

1.the clientel - suburban light

2.beth gibbons & rustin man - out of season

3.interpol - turn on the bright lights

4.prefuse73 - vocal studies + rock narratives

5.go-betweens - brght yellow bright orange

6.the streets - original priate material

7.richard buckner - impasse

8.broken social scene - you forgot it in people

9.microphones - mount erie

10.hidden cameras - the smell of our own

Michael Collins

Mike's Books 2003

The Master and MargheritaMikhail Bulgakov
Gulliver's TravelsJonathon Swift
Death and The PenguinAndrey Kurkov
Nicholas and AlexandraRobert K. Massie
That They May Face The Rising SunJohn McGahern
Life of PiYann Martell
YouthJ.M. Coetzee
The ForeignerAlbert Camus
MalinskiSiofra O'Donovan
The Story of Lucy GaultWilliam Trevor

The Buddha of SuburbiaHanif Kureshi
Heart of a DogMikhail Bulgakov
Wild SwansJung Chang
The PlagueAlbert Camus
The ImmoralistAndre Gide
The IslesNorman Davies

Vernon God LittleDBC Pierre
Yellow DogMartin Amis
Oryx and CrakeMargaret Atwood
TimbuktuPaul Auster

Daniel Corcoran

Dan The Man's top tuneage for 2003

New Year's Resolution: see more bands! and finally organize my music collection after moving twice in one year (oh yeah, and learn HTML;) Live Shows
  1. Polyphonic Spree (November, Graceland, Seattle) 25 musicians crammed onto the stage! sold out crowd, choir robes, encore with a HARP. Crazy texans..Bowie meets Flaming Lips. Tried to buy a cd but they sold out. Thanks to Heather for the ticket to the show!
  2. Camper Van Beethoven, Clem Snide, Apples in Stereo (March, Sx SW Music Festival,Austin TX While waiting for Camper Van Beethoven got my first taste of Clem Snide live, accompanied by Clem fan #1 Scott "Frito" Balikian. Not quite a shoegazer band, they have enough twang and pop to keep your interest. Now I've been converted. Camper Van Beethoven is one of my all time fave bands to see live - David L has great stage energy.. they did a great encore of Fleetwood Mac's TUSK complete with computer on stage with the drum machine bassline. Also the only band we saw at the Music Festival to say something against the war in Iraq.
  3. the Rapture, (Nov. 11, Graceland, Seattle) Retro new wave melancoly with a disco bass line.. would be good to see these NY rockers in a larger venue with more r o o m to d a n c e
  4. Calexico, the Frames (Sept., Graceland) An international line up living across the globe, and Calexico still sounds mighty tight.. like Dick Dale meeting Ennio Morricone in Texas, with some ska to boot.

Stuff I've been listening to this year

The best of the rest

Tom Corcoran

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I saw a brilliant Go-Betweems show in 2000 but somehow had not checked out there new stuff, their visit to London in April saw me getting sorted. There are not too many bands where one is as looking forward to hearing the new stuff as well as some of the 20+ year old material. Only got my hand on The Strokes recently, they pack some serious quality into their in-and-out songs, it was climbing every day. J-Live and the Roots provided some very smooth hip-hop. Ed Rush & Optical's latest was another late pickup, I'm reminded how wicked Drum n' Bass can be.

  1. The Go-Betweens - Bright Orange Bright Yellow
  2. The Go-Betweens - The Friends Of Rachel Worth
  3. J-Live - All Of The Above
  4. Lacklaster - Wraping & Container
  5. Cane 141 - Garden Tiger Moth
  6. David Holmes mix - Come Get It I Got It
  7. The Roots - Phrenology
  8. The Strokes - Room On Fire
  9. Ed Rush & Optical - The Original Dr. Shade
  10. Sigur Rós - ()
Honourable mentions

Tunes of the year


Glastonbury was very special this year (see my review) . Do yourself a favour and make 2004 the year you check it out, Worthy farm, Pilton, 25th June 2004 - 27th June 2004, 112,500 three-day tickets go on sale in March /April, a similiar quantity sold out in 6 hours last year, so keep your ear to the ground.

  1. The Flaming Lips, Glastonbury 28 June
  2. Radiohead, Glastonbury 28 June
  3. REM, Glastonbury 27 June
  4. Radiohead, The Point, Dublin 3 Dec
  5. Richie Hawtin, Fabric, 29 Nov
  6. The Flaming Lips, Apollo, Hammersmith, London 4 Nov
  7. Grandaddy, Glastonbury 29 June
  8. The Go-Betweens, Astoria, Charing cross, London 28 Apr
  9. The Frames, Union chapel, Isslington, London 29 May
  10. Dave Couse, Dolan's Warehouse, Limerick 21 June

Live songs of the year
  1. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
  2. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 - The Flaming Lips
  3. Idioteque - Radiohead
  4. Do You Realize? - The Flaming Lips

Freebie of the year

Freebie CD of the year

Big screen films

There was plenty of great cinema this year.

  1. Kill bill (Written & directed by Quentin Tarantino, usa 2003)
  2. Adaptation (Directed by Spike Jonze, Wriiten by Charles Kaufman, usa 2002)
  3. Cidade de Deus / City of God (Directed by Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund, Brazil 2002)
  4. Belleville Rendezvous (Written & Directed by Sylvain Chomet, France 2003; Animation of the year)
  5. The Matrix Reloaded (Written & Directed by The Wachowski bros, usa 2003)
  6. Grand theft parsons (Directed by David Caffrey, usa-uk 2003; Title of the year - this is about the true story that when Gram Parsons died his mate Phil Kaufman fulfilled their pact and stole his body to set it free in the desert; 30 years it took to get this strory told, written directed and produced by an Irish team)
  7. Donnie Darko (Written & Directed by Richard Kelly, usa 2002)
  8. The Pirates of the Carribean (Directed by Gore Verbinski, usa 2003)
  9. The Honeymooners (Written & Directed by Karl Golden, Ireland 2003)
  10. Intermission (Directed by John Crowley, Ireland 2003)
  11. Northfork (Written & Directed by The Polish brohers, usa 2003)
Honourable mentions Best short Acting performances of the year Some memorable film scenes of the year Disappointments of the year
  1. The Matrix Revolutions (Disgrace of the year, Wachowski bros totally sold out a brillaint story to hollywood and answered none of the questions raised by the other films, totally dissing the audience)
  2. Intolerable Cruelty (Coen Brothers, 2003; I didn't even see this as I couldn't ruin my view of them)
  3. The Hulk (Ang Lee takes his finger off the pulse)
  4. It's all about love (Confused follow up to the brilliant Festen)
Cheesiest film of all time

Small screen films
  1. Last tango in Paris (Written and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1972)
  2. Lolita (Directed by Stanley Kubrick, 1962)
  3. Sweet Sixteen (Directed by Ken Loach. 2002)
  4. 25th hour (A Spike Lee Joint, 2002)
  5. Easy riders raging bulls (Directed by Kenneth Bowser, 2003, documentary abount experimental cinema in 70's hollywood)
  6. Mulholland drive (Written & directed by David Lynch 2001)
  7. Talking with a stranger (Written by Joh Hopkins 1966; black and white classic with Judi Dench, same story told in 4 parts from a different characters perspective)
  8. Once upon a time in the west (Directed by Sergio Leone, 1968)
  9. Office space (Written and directed by Mike Judge, 1999)
Small screen tv shows
  1. The Sopranoes (HBO Series)
  2. Curb your enthusiasm (Written by Larry David, HBO series 2000+)
  3. Six feet under (HBO series 2002+)
  4. Ali G's American show
  5. The Office (BBC series, 2002+)
  6. Body Hits (BBC3)

Best download

Other live events

Live sport
  1. Jimmy White V Peter Ebdon, Masters 2nd round, 5 Feb, Wembley conference centre (White wins classic 6-5 battle of the "local boys")
  2. Manchester United v Juventus, Champion's League phase 2, Stadio De Alpi 25 Feb (Wonderful. Classic first half brace from Giggsy, brilliant runs on the left wing from John O'Shea)
  3. Andre Agassi V Richard Krajicek, Queen's Men'd single third round,12 June (Superb to see one of my sporting heros again. Agassi was devasting, crushing Krajicek to win 6-1 6-2. The way he was picking the corners was special. Former Winbledon champion Krajicek retired shortly afterwards)
  4. Jimmy White V Stephen Lee. World championship 2nd round, 26 April, Cruicibel, Sheffield (White does not take his chances and goes down 11-13)
  5. Jimmy White V Stephen Hendry, Masters quarter final, 7 Feb, Wembley conference centre (Hendry won 4-6)
  6. Manchester United V West Ham, FA Cup 4th round, 26 Jan (First match at Old Trafford Giggsy & Ruud grab a brace and Phil Neville even gets a beuty)
  7. Wimbledon men's double's final, Todd Woodbridge & Jonas Bjorkman win, 5 June (You could taste the history in Centre Court. Todd Woodbridge extends his slam record)

Wedding moments of the year (in no particular order)

Hikes of the year

Randon scenes of he year

Destinations of the year

Sporting performances of the year

Product of the year

Tony Corrigan

Wish I'd been to more gigs or seen a local band to blow me away. Unfortunately, not.

1. Radiohead - Point
2. David Bowie - Point
3. Sinead O'Connor - Vicar St
4. Robbie Williams - Phoenix Park

1. David Bowie - Reality
2. Massive Attach - 100th Window
3. Death in Vegas - Scorpio Rising
4. Lou Reed - The Raven (Double CD version, essential)
5. Polyphonic Spree - The beginning stages of...
6. Anuna - Winter Songs
7. Jeff Buckley / Gary Lucas - Songs to No One
8. David Sylvian - Camphor
9. Mozart - Requiem Mass
10.Sinead O'Connor - She who dwells

1. LOTR - Two Towers
2. The Hours
3. Once Upon a time in America
4. Ripley's Game
5. Far from Heaven
6. Adaption
7. Secretary
8. Intermission
9. Matrix Reloaded
10. Kill Bill

1. LOTR - Tolkin
2. Life of Pi - Yann Martel
3. Order of the Phoenix - Rowling
4. Fast Food Nation - Eric Shossler
5. Book of Illusions - Paul Auster
6. Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
7. Memoirs of a Geshia - Auther Golden
8. The Dark Side - Nick Kend

Barry Culhane

Best Albums (old & new)
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
George Winston - Linus & Lucy, the music of Vince Guaraldi
Jack Johnson - On And On
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Cole Porter Songbook
David Gray - The EP's 92-94
White Stripes - Elephant
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head
U2 - Achtung Baby
Tom Waits - Closing Time
Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life

Best Movies (old & new)
Bad Santa
In America
Mystic River
The Last Samurai
A Mighty Wind
Bloody Sunday
Magdalene Sisters
Jerry Maguire
Spinal Tap
Schindler's List
The Great Escape
Bowling For Columbine
The Matrix: Reloaded
American Splendor
Lost In Translation
School Of Rock

Best Gigs (this year)
McG's wedding @ the Dublin Mountains... go on Dave, ya GOOD THING!!!
Buena Vista Social Club's Ibrahim Ferrer @ Tempe, Arizona
Jack Johnson & Ben Harper @ Phoenix, Arizona
David Gray @ Phoenix, Arizona
Gomez @ Tempe, Arizona
Chris Burton Jacome & Javier Hernández @ Chandler, Arizona (flamenco guitarist & flamenco singer)

Best Other Bests (this year)
Shooting 89 scratch against my old man in September when he visited PHX (up yours Mikey Joe!)
Packing in and out of the Grand Canyon in 95F+ temperatures in May on a 3-day camping trip
Refraining from killing BAD UNCLE during his stayover in Phoenix in July

Martin Hayes


1 Astral Weeks - Van Morrison
2 Let it Be - The Replacements
3 Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
4 Among My Swan - Mazzy Star
5 Hail to the Thief - Radiohead
6 OK Computer - Radiohead
7 Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan
8 The Bends - Radiohead
9 Electric Version - New Pornographers
10 For the Birds - The Frames

1 Crazy in Love - Beyonce Knowles
2 Fake - The Frames
3 Ladies Night - Atomic Kitten
4 Whatever that Christmas tune is by those blokes with all the hair, The Darkness is it?

As you can see music for me in 2003 was either soothing sunday morning stuff to try and quieten the house down or pop tunes for the car. I'm sure Vic Chesnutt would have made his way in if I'd just got my act together to actually get hold of it. I'm looking forward to see whether I'm alone or if the likes of Brendan Jennings is also experiencing problems keeping up to speed with two small ones running about the place. For those of you who want to splutter about the poppy/sellout nature of my singles choices then feel free to email it to Beyonce got my bum wiggling in the bathroom mirror, can there be higher praise? In particular the Atomic Kitten ditty has got Strictly Handbag (or whatever) circa 2015 written all over it. I'm proud of resisting the easy joke about why the Frames couldn't have just called Fake Creep 2 - until now that is.

Film is just so dominated by the climax of the Lord of the Rings that, even though I'm not seeing it until Monday, there's no point in even making a list of others. Big disappointment for me was "Bowling for Columbine" which I finally caught up with on DVD. Totally lacking the pace and scope of Roger and Me, time for some focus Mike.

Live, babysitters generally look on two as being just too hard so opportunities were limited. Despite the limited competition Ron Sexsmith in Dolan's was just excellent. So many songs, note perfect, sigh. He probably would have stayed on stage all night if his partner hadn't run out of knitting wool. I also got a chance to see that Australian comedy folk duo Flight of the Condor, (I think!) who were really very funny.

Ronan Hickey

In reverse order. Excuses and blatherings inline.

10. Nothing Really Ends - dEUS

Ok not released this year but what the hell..dEUS should be on every top 10 music list. Their last single and one that starts with the classic lines "As a plan it wasn't much of a plan, I just started walking"

9. A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash

As the man in black dies this year I thought it only fair to put him in. A classic track (Taken from the fantastic "Live in San Quentin" album, re-released last year where he played in the San Quentin maximum security prison)

How can you not like a man who wrote "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die"?

8. My Baby Shot Me Down - Nancy Sinatra

Possibly the only track worth taking from the Kill Bill Soundtrack but it is a classic. A slightly sick puppy of a song, but a gem nonetheless.

7. Get Ready - Ursula Rucker & The Silent Poets

Ursula gets in on the basis of a great gig of hers I saw this year where she performed this brilliant song.

6. Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith

Again another loss to the music world this year. This is my favourite song of his.

5. Mad World - Gary Jules

From Donnie Darko, apparently this is in contention for a Christmas No. 1 in the UK?? Bizarre. Still a great track though.

4. Boy with the BubbleGun - Tom McRae

A track from his first album rather than this year's one. (Cos it's better! :-)) Gave a fantastic gig in the Apollo where he turned off all mikes, unplugged his electro acoustic and walked to the front of the stage to sing 'Bloodless' could see him shaking he was so scared but it worked brilliantly.

3. Black Heart - Calexico

One of the albums of the year...fantastic stuff......

2. Amie - Damien Rice

I know Caroline will hate me but this guys is good! Cut him slack Caro! A simple buit effective song.

1. Where You End and I Begin - Radiohead

I reckon we should stop expecting them to be a certain band, piling criticism on them, accusing them of going weird, selling out, whavtever....this album is the best I've heard on ages and this track is perfect. Nasty edgy rock...brilliant...

Lucas Hilbert

Lucas' Top 10 CDs of 2003

  1. Swell - Whenever You're Ready
  2. The Twilight Singers - Blackberry Belle
  3. Longwave - Strangest Things
  4. Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
  5. Mercury Rev - All Is Dream
  6. Cranes - Live In Italy
  7. Loudermilk - The Red Record
  8. Appliance - Are You Earthed?
  9. Black Heart Procession - Amore Del Tropico
  10. Jay Munly - Jimmy Carter Syndrome
Honourable mention

My Song of the Year

  • Wake Me When It's Over- Longwave

  • --Dedicated to George W. and the year of his childish war

    Top 10 Films of 2003

    1. Laurel Canyon
    2. Adaptation
    3. Secretary
    4. School of Rock
    5. 8 Mile
    6. Catch Me If You Can
    7. Ararat
    8. The Good Girl
    9. 8 Femmes
    10. 24 Hour Party People

    Ewan Hunter

    1) Erin McKeown

    American singer songwriter - imagine Django REinhardt teaming up with Bob Wills' TExas Playboys, with Judy Garland on vocals! Saw her twice in Newcastle - the first time for free, but never again! Two albums to date. 'Distillation' (the first) is essential listening.

    2) Tim Dalling - Blossom

    Scotsman based on Tyneside, setting poems of Louis Macneice to music, plus a few originals. Economical and beautiful - Crossing THe Redheugh Bridge is a real highlight - a finer love song and homage to home you will not hear. Musicians include the sublime Ian Carr on guitar - plays it just like ringing a bell.

    3) Eddie Reader - Songs of Robbie Burns

    Orchestrations to break your heart, and a freshness of interpretation that reminds us that the Scottish bard was a natural lovin' man. Once again featuring the incredible Ian Carr on guitar.

    4) Django Reinhardt - any anthology

    Forget Jimi Hendrix, Django was THE greatest. Every listen reveals more.

    5) John Rae's Celtic Feet - Beware the Feet

    Celtic tunes fused with swing and bepop. THis is no gimmick, but true fusion that sounds as if this is the way it's always been played. Humorous, mature and assured.

    6) Oscar Aleman

    little known Brazilian/Argentinian dance band guitar hero from the thirties and forties, discovered on a trip to Buenos Aires last summer. Not as urbane or revolutionary as Django, but swings hard with an irresistable joi de vivre.

    7) Oi Va Voi - Laughter through Tears

    Klezmer with beats. Gets under your skin with silky vocals, muted trumpets and woozy clarinets. Once there, you realise they've smuggled in a Balkan brass band and a couple of flamenco guitarists while you weren't looking. Ouch!

    8) The Baghdaddies

    Legendary Newcastle live act. As above, minus the silky vocals and flamenco guitars - and the trumpets aren't muted!

    9) The Strokes - 'Last Night'

    Don't really know much else about them, but this track is rock and roll!

    10) The Frienzy, featuring Christopher Bradley

    Short demo recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, earlier in the year. A songwriter of true genius, beginning to show his true colours. If you want to see them, return tickets via Heathrow start at around 380 quid! If there's any justice in the world though, he'll soon be going global. You heard it here first!

    Honourable mention.

    The Penguin Cafe Orchestra - first record from 1981.

    Brain child of the late Simon Jeffes, this is modern music that's as fresh now as over twenty years ago. If you ever want to feel calm and still, just stick this on and stop what you are doing. Year in and year out, it does the trick for me every time. Trully timeless.

    Stacey Lester

    1. Low - Secret Name/Trust
    2. Clinic - Walking with Thee
    3. Liars - They Threw Us In A Trench...
    4. Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things
    5. Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas
    6. American Music Club - (entire catalog)
    7. Spoon - (entire catalog)
    8. Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life
    9. TV on the Radio - TV on the Radio
    10 Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Tyranny of Distance/Hearts of Oak

    Niall's Top 10 2003

    Couldn't make it ten, had to be 12, after I started to look back on what I was listening to most for the year

    1. Calexico - Feast of Wire

    Has to be the best album of the year. More alt desert country mexican influenced rock from the Tuscon boys. More expansive sounds in this album than their previous ones. Some big cinematic songs evoking western movie themes interspresed with some gentle melodic tunes, even one brilliant jazz one. I still haven't grown tired of it.
    They also had a single this year, Alone Again Or a cover of an old song from a band called Love, you'd recognise it if you heard it. Worth getting your hands on.

    2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell

    Superb debut from this NY three piece. Fab PJ Harvey-esque vocals, raw stripped down sound but still catchy melodies creepi through. Song of the year has got to be Maps.

    3. The Rapture - Echoes

    Sounds like Robert Smith resurrected as a techno rock god. This album doesn't let up, tons of loud beats and screeching guitars. Gets better with every listen. House of jealous lovers will have you shaken your stuff wherever you are.

    4. Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress

    I didn't like this after the first listen, in fact it took about 5. I thought it was too throwaway, but once you get into the songs and the great lyrics you realise there's lots going on in each song. Plenty of epic songs that trundle through the usual glaswegian screenplays B&S love. Finishes with a brilliant Bowie/Costello sounding tune that you wish wouldn't end.

    5. Lisa Germano - Lullaby for Liquid Pig

    If you liked that OP8 album Lisa Germano appeared on from a few years back, you'll like this. Heartbreaking vocals and sparse experimental electronic sounds, the album doesn't have a bad track.

    6. RJD2 - Dead Ringer

    This one came from last year but I only heard it this year. A bit like DJ Shadow but with a little more of a hip hop influenced sound. Mostly instruemental catchy loops that stay in your head for ages.

    7. The Kills - Keep on Your Mean Side

    Raw guitar driven duo with superb vocals sounding a bit like The Velvet Underground crossed with PJ Harvey, not a bad combination.

    8. The Strokes - Room on Fire

    Picking up where they left off from their last album. Coming in at 33 minutes long, testimony to the 3 minute guitar pop song.

    9. Radiohead - Hail to the Thief

    I dont know how they keep doing it but this is another great album. Still experimental enough not to make it too commercial sounding.

    10. The Thermals - More Parts per Million

    High energy raw teenage punk influenced rock from Portland Oregon. They give the strokes a run for their money in terms of song length.

    11. Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun

    A bit more low key and jazzy than some of their previous releases. Gets off to a bit of a slow start but picks up as it moves quitely along with some beautiful songs. They also released an ep with some rockier versions of songs of the album, which is really good.

    12. Tindersticks - Waiting for the Moon

    Had to put this in for just one song on the album My Oblivion, probably one of the best songs they've ever written. On the Sometimes it Hurts single they do a cover the Lee Hazelwood song My Autumns Done Come, which is excellent.

    Best songs

    - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    House of Jealous Lovers
    - The Rapture, there's a 12in with some excellent re-mixes, but the album version is still the best.
    My Oblivion
    - Tindersticks - available as a single too if you weren't up to buying the album.
    Santa Cruz
    - The Thrills, this was the soundtrack to many sunny summer boat trips.
    - Peaches from the brilliant album Fatherfu*ker


  • Calexico @ Paradiso
  • PJ Harvey @ Lowlands
  • The Strokes @ Heineken Music Hall
  • Goldfrapp @ Paradiso
  • Yo La Tengo @ Paradiso
  • Part Chimp/Mogwai @ Melkweg
  • The Raveonettes @ Melkweg
  • The Thermals @ Metropolis
  • Tindersticks @ Paradiso
  • The Thrills @ Melkweg
  • Dave McGuinness

    2003 in summary

    the most disappointing year for new music in living memory? or perhaps i'm just not up to speed anymore. help me out folks, what did i miss this year? some promising movies towards the start of the year, and a few goodies in the film festival. kill bill and ROTK come to the rescue at the end. saw more gigs than the last 3 years put together, and read many good books while commuting on the bus. got married.

    2003 cinema
    1. Singin' in the Rain - quite simply the most entertaining movie i saw on the big screen all year - they really don't make 'em like they used to
    2. Kill Bill - very stylish and story-telling of the highest order, can't wait for volume 2
    3. Standing in the Shadows of Motown - so good i saw it twice. and bought the soundtrack
    4. Adaptation - unfeasibly clever. perhaps too clever for its own good
    5. The Return of the King - hard to fault it, but still missing "something"
    6. The Cuckoo - one of my favourites from the festival. three people speaking three different languages makes for some hilarious scenes3 7. Open Hearts - another superb dogma movie
    8. Am I Trying To Break Your Heart - a documentary which is itself even better than the album which it's about ( wilco's yankee hotel foxtrot )
    9. Bowling for Columbine - sure, it doesn't answer a lot of the questions it raises, but still essential viewing
    10. Spider - very dark, but a great story and some incredible performances

    honourable mentions
    Dinner Rush
    Blue Velvet
    The Pianist
    Whale Rider
    Punch, Drunk, Love
    Jackass, The Movie
    Travelling Birds
    City of God
    Bloody Sunday
    Sweet Sixteen
    American Splendour
    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

    new(ish) albums
    1. radiohead, hail to the thief - they're back, not that they ever really went away. i liked every track.
    2. calexico, feast of wire - a hodge-podge of styles, impossible to categorise, but eminently enjoyable.
    3. lambchop, is a woman - in a word, stunning.
    4. the white stripes, elephant - came up with the goods bigtime, loved this from first listen.
    5. john cale, hobosapiens - my first john cale album. his back catalogue beckons.
    6. queens of the stone age, songs for the deaf. a superb rock album - listen LOUD.
    7. paul westerbery, mono/stereo. two brilliant albums in one, but i preferred the so-called B-side
    8. stephen malkmus and the jicks, pig lib. up there with the best pavement albums.
    9. damian rice, O - one of the best irish debut albums in years.
    10. grandaddy, sumday - damned fine toons from a band i know nothing about

    honourable mentions
    manu chao - proximo estacion esperanza
    massive attack - 100th window
    super furry animals - phantom power
    supergrass - life on other planets
    belle & sebastian - dear catastrophe waitress

    old music new to me
    badly drawn boy, the hour of bewilderbeast. why didn't i buy this before? brilliant
    beth gibbons & rustin man, out of season. ditto.
    lambchop, nixon. why is this not in everyone's collection?
    sigur rós - agaetis byrjun / (). better late than never.
    nick drake, pink moon. one man's voice and his guitar, pure class
    the go-betweens - bright yellow, bright orange
    coldplay, a rush of blood to the head. i really like this, but can't help thinking i won't like it this time next year
    dusty springfield, dusty in memphis - a true classic.
    frank zappa, strictly commercial. a good way to find out more about this incredibly prolific man.
    luna, bewitched. finally bought myself a copy of this, brilliant.


    mull historical society - loss
    nick drake - pink moon
    various - poet, a tribute to townes van zandt

    books i read
    Wild Swans - Jung Chang. One of the best books I've ever read - fact really is stranger than fiction.
    The New Rulers of the World - John Pilger. Everyone should read this book. George Dubya should read this book.
    Tom Crean, An Unsung Hero. An incredible book about an incredible man.
    Holes - Louis Sachar. Actually a kid's book, but a great read - and Disney has just made the movie.
    The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat - Oliver Sachs. Some incredible real-life case studies from Mr. Awakenings.
    Stonedogs - Craig Marriner. My favourite fiction of they year, first novel by a young Kiwi - a gripping read.
    Black Oxen - Elizabeth Knox. Definitely one of the craziest books I read all year, not for everyone. Incredible imagination.
    Stupid White Men - Michael Moore. OK, it's a bit of a rant, but still worth a read.
    Alice In Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll. If you haven't already...
    Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser. Apparently fast food is bad for you, and McDonalds are evil. Didn't you know?
    Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer. True story of man in search for meaning and freedom. He really should have brought a map too.
    Girlfriend in a Coma - Douglas Copeland. A real slow burner, this is one pretty crazy story.
    Vineland - Thomas Pynchon. Another headf*cking novel, but well worth the effort.
    The Life Of Pi - Yann Martell. Not sure if it is Booker prize-winning standard, but still very enjoyable on many levels.
    Frida - Hayden Herrera. The book on which the movie is based - heavy going, but I liked the historical backdrop.
    The Cure for Death by Lightning - Gail Anderson-Dargatz. Thanks Mary, really liked this novel by a Canadian author.
    Glue - Irvine Welsh. Good book in itself, but not a patch on his others.

    occasions of note
    karapoti classic ( mountain bike race ) - finally knocked this bastard off. months of training, four hours of agony. well actually 3:53.
    johnny cash - his last four albums alone are legacy enough for a lifetime.
    elliott smith - the saddest news of the year for me, a man in his prime.
    atomic in matterhorn - woke up in a hut in the ruahines that morning, danced till the wee hours to the best of the 80's.
    stag weekend in ballyvaughan - quite simply one of the greatest weekends ever.
    wedding in enniskerry - and one of the greatest days just a week later.

    anti-climax - rugby world cup. ANYONE but them, that's all i asked.
    tv moment - australian idol. maybe you had to be there.

    musical highlight of the year - the arrival in my letterbox of no less than SIX superb compilations by Murph & Jo.

    gigs & plays
    Scaramouche Jones, St. James Theatre, Wellington - Pete Postletwaite in a one man show, truly amazing to behold
    Lambchop - Bar Bodega, Wellington - a small venue only half-full, where was everyone? why are lambchop not super famous? thank you joe & mary, one of the best gigs i've been to.
    Eddie Izzard - Opera House, Wellington - he struggled a bit with a tough Kiwi crowd, but damned funny nonetheless.
    The White Stripes - Town Hall, Wellington - highest "decibels-to-number-of-band-members" ratio in the history of live music, blew me and everyone else away.
    Jack Johnson - St. James Theatre - the most laid-back performer i have ever seen. should have brought my knitting.

    tracks of the year
    johnny cash - hurt
    the white stripes - seven nation army

    Derek Murphy

    My top 10 for 2003 is:-


    One of those rare albums that doesn't seem to be able to settle into one style, and yet manages to work so completely that it has a style all of it's own. The opening words of the album are "Hello Sunshine, Come into my life!". This album has everything; haunting melodies, guitar driven rocking exuberance, and even an orbital-like moment leading into soaked pop magic. The best thing to come out of Wales since Ivor The Engine! I saw them at Birmingham Academy and they did a 25 minute rendition of their classic "The Man Don't Give A Fuck" dressed as Golden Retrievers (and one Yeti I think!).


    A funny one to recommend this one because they are one of those bands that are 60% jaw-droppingly amazing, and 40% average... However the 60% has impressed me sp much that it's been one of my most listened to albums of the year! It's a side projest of Tim Armstrong out of Rancid, Travis Barker, the drummer out of Blink 182, plus one of the Rancid Stage Hands called 'Skinhead Rob'. Good Melodic, Ragga-Influenced, Gloriously Throaty Punk!

    3 - DAMIEN RICE - O

    A phenomenal album. Damien Rice is in a different league to pretty much everyone else at the moment. I saw him live in Manchester in August, and without a shadow of a doubt it was the most amazing gig I've ever been to... totally outstanding.


    An bunch of American Southern Rockers, very reminiscent of a band called PAW, but bot as heavy. They're all brothers and cousins, and they're not doing anything new, but they're doing it in a new and exciting way!


    A Norewegian bloke who's style is a mix of the Beatles, Badly Drawn Boy, and something else I can't Put My Finger on!

    6 - STEVE MILLER - THE BEST OF 1968-1973

    Haven't got it?... Get it!


    A return to form for the Jurassics. Check out the stand out track 'A Day At The Races'... The track of the year?


    A wicked album of hip hop influenced, laid-back, soulful, funky eclectica. Kind of like throwing DJ Shadow, Moby and The Roots into a blender.


    A brilliant Hip Hop album with an impressive list of guests including Mos Def and Pharoehe Monch.


    I've found myself revisiting this classic a lot recently, It's now nearly 15 years old! Can you beleive that? I saw them when they were touring this album and they were every bit as good as they promised to be. This album reminds me of being a rocker when I was 15, drinking cider and black and headbanging at Manchester International. Funnily enough though, when I dug it out and started listening to it again I was amazed by what a brilliant album it was!


    1 - Lord of The Rings: Return of the King
    2 - Pirates of the Carribean
    3 - 8 Mile
    4 - Underworld
    5 - Master and Commander
    6 - Ghostdog; The Way Of the Samurai
    7 - Once Upon A Time In Mexico
    8 - Love Actually
    9 - Finding Nemo
    10 - Goodfellas (Again)

    Best Books of the Year

    Gianni Rotto - Prince of the Clouds
    Bring On The Empty Horses - David Niven
    The Answer is Never; A history of Skateboarding - Joccko Weyland

    Laurent Muzellec

    TitleDir/ WriterCountryYear
    City of GodFernando MeirellesBra2002
    Ivan XtlcBernard RoseUK/USA2002
    Whatever (extension du domaine de la lutte)Philippe Harel/ Michel HouellebecqFra1999
    AdaptationSpike JonzeUSA2003
    In this WorldMichael WinterbottomUK2002
    Igby goes downBurr SteersUSA2002
    The pianistRoman PolanskiFrance/UK/Germany/2000
    Buffallo SoldiersGregor JordanUSA2001
    Fear and Trembling (Stupeur et tremblements)Alain CorneauFra2003
    the most fertile man in Ireland Dudi AppletonIreland2000

    TitleDir/ Writer
    atomised (particules elementaires)Michel Houellebecq
    hey dude where is my countryMichael Moore
    Stupid white menMichael Moore
    Who killed Daniel PearBernard Henri-Levy
    le sommeil du MonstreEnki Bilal
    the truth about the irish

    white Stripes
    "dandy wharrol"
    that's about all for music…

    Martin O'Gorman

    This year was one of infrequent visits to the record shop, but still managing to hear some great music, somehow. So my list this year is a mix of the old and the new. Moving to a new country is a great way to rediscover your collection. And so...


    Howie B Turn the Dark Off
    This has been on my lists before but it got a new lease of life this year and really has been ever present on the stereo.
    Sigur Ros ()
    Finally picked this up after seeing them perform a brilliant live set
    Anne Clark Word Processing - The Remix Project
    Great vocals on top of classic oldskool electronica, grin inducing :)))
    Apollo 440 Dude Descending a Staircase
    Apollo 440 are one of the best dance sounds around
    Kraftwerk Tour de France
    Good to see the German meisters back with an excellent soundtrack to this years Centenary tour
    LTJ Bukem Journey Inwards
    Another old favourite that got played all year
    Tim Buckley Live at the Troupadour 1969
    This is classic Buckley, live, and that voice…
    Cane 141 Garden Tiger Moth
    Music to sooth the soul, a freebie from Tom
    Kathryn Williams Little Black Numbers
    Beautifully mellow and emotional.
    Trikolaus Try Posie
    Saw this new wave Jazz trio in Berlin, a fusion of sounds around a jazzy beat
    Special mentions must go to Murph,the compilation king, 6 cd’s arrived in the post, each better than the last. Thanks dude, I still don’t know how you manage to follow Jurasic 5 with Elvis, but it works. Also to Late Junction on Radio 3, eclectic world music, Giles Peterson's Worldwide and Michael Rutten's SoulPatrol.

    Song of the Year.

    This involved a lot of head scratching, so many songs to suit so many moods. I choose Anne Clarks "Sleeper in Metropolis". This song really caught me when I first heard it early in the year. It is a classic Hardfloor track, a great dance tune it it's own right, but the dark lyrics elevate it to a higher level, and maybe you with it.

    Reads of the Year.

    Thomas Pynchon Mason and Dixon
    Yann Martel The Life of Pi
    Michael Smith An Unsung Hero (Tom Crean-Antartic Survivor)

    ….and the rest

    Things to do in Frankfurt

    Hey, its not such a bad city, the calm of the river beside the chaos of the floemarkt, Tanus and the Rhon on its doorstep for biking, climbing, snowboarding, walking. The Clubkeller and Soho, great music in great little bars, the forests, the trams on a cold winter morning, the applewein, and the applewein hause, our balcony!

    and things I did elsewhere

    I managed to get to see some interesting places too, starting in Lviv, that great undiscovered city on the doorstep of the new Europe. Northern Spain and the Picos, untouched mountains, an outdoor paradise, and Slovenia, more of the same. Walking in Northumberland, climbing in Stanage and the gem that is the sea cliffs in Swanage, snowboarding in Norway, great snow, no crowds, winter wonderland, and a new sport, canoeing with Alex, so much fun.

    Best museum ever.

    The Guggenheimin in Bilbao.

    Mary Naughton

    Because of our travels this year i didn't buy as many cds as i normally would, nor did we get to go to the flicks as often. i'd be very hard pushed to reach 10 in any category but here's what stands out for me in 2004.

    best albums
    1. Dear Catastophe Waitress- Belle and Sebastian
    2. Baby I'm Bored- Evan Dando
    3. Under Achievers Please Try Harder- Camera Obscura.
    4. Beautiful Collision- Bic Runga
    currently listening to and enjoying the Future kings of spain, and I am Kloot.

    Best Gigs
    1. Bob Dylan- wellington
    2. Lambchop- Cork opera house 3. Evan Dando- Cruiscin Lan- Cork
    4. David Gray- Wellington
    5. Lambchop- wellington.

    Best Films
    1. Return of the King
    2. Dinner rush
    3. Talk to her
    4. Adaptation

    as regards books- i don't think i read any newly published stuff, but my faves would have been-
    'the cure of death by lightening'- Gail Anderson-Dargataz
    'bury my heart at wounded knee'- Dee Brown
    'to the is-land'- Janet Frame
    all second hand buys and all very good!. the LOTR new zealand location guide was interesting.

    Michelle O'Gorman


    1. Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun (Season of the Shark..class)
    2. Radioactive Man - Radioactive Man
    3. Granddaddy - The Sophtware Slump
    4. Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    5. Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
    6. Rae & Christian - various burned ;-)
    7. The Frames - Dance the Devil
    8. The Streets - Original Pirate Material
    9. DJ Bob Jones - Real Jazz for Real people
    10. Moloko - Statues

    Honourable mention:

    Counting Crows - Across a Wire Live in New York: Kept me sane after the incident in Bristol..whomever you are I hope you're enjoying my CDs half as much as I did!

    The Darkness - Permission to Land

    Looking forward to finding copies of:

    Kings of Leon, The Music

    "It's all a mystery.." - Can you just believe it, as I write this email my new copy of Flaming Lips, the one lost in the post for months, has arrived at my desk..


    1. Sigur Ros - Tent City/ field in Germany (also that weekend The Roots, Massive Attack, Gus Gus, Moloko, International Pony, Supergrass, Royksopp..wicked)
    2. Feeder - Abfart Club, Zurich
    3. Granddaddy - Volkhaus, Basel (Only the second gig to happen in Basel in 2.5 years..)
    4. Carl Cox - Q Club, Zurich
    5. David Bowie - Hallenstadium, Zurich
    6. The Revs - Ambassador, Dublin
    100. Basel Battle of the Bands..give it up for 'Suck My Dolls Head'!!!

    Best film:

    Withnail & I - 'Sit down man, find your neutral space.'

    Honourable mentions:

    28 Days Later - It's Switz. they take they're time about everything

    Best Series:

    Coupling + Game on

    Best Book:

    He Died With a Falafel in his Hand - John Birmingham:

    'A rat died in the living room at King St. and we didn't know. There was at least six inches of compacted rubbish between our feet and the floor. Old ratty must have crawled in there and died of pleasure. A visitor uncovered him while groping about for a beer!'

    Worst Night, Best Day of the Year:

    0:00am Apr 1st: Missed the train to Bath by 1min, sat on pile-enhancing metal seats at Paddington for 6 hours (well halogen lamps for a couple) with all the clothes I could find in my bag: denim just-below-the-knee skirt, pink with varying colours of polka dot PJ bottoms, pretty feet shoes fishnet tights, 'sleeping bag' fur hooded parka and suitbag for a blanket..Can't understand why that security guy thought I was a bum??..Woohooooooooo at every 15 min interval!! Literally!! I think the worst part was looking forward to getting to work in CHIPPENHAM that day..(seeing as the only good thing about Chippenham is getting the train out of it!!)

    10:00am Apr 1st: Offered a job in Basel ??!

    Top Tip: ever stranded in Paddington, head for the halogen lamps, burning your ar*e is always better than piles!!

    Christine O'Meara


    Back to Study/ Few books and only 4 to make the list

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Mark Haddon

    This is a great depiction of life inside the mind of a person with Asperger’s syndrome. Very clever and original, and I reckon not far off the mark. Here is a quote to whet your appetites.
    ‘He was asking too many questions and he was asking them too quickly. They were stacking up in my head, like loaves in the factory where Uncle Terry works.’

    Life of Pi, Yann Martel
    Brida, Paolo Coehlo
    Staying Alive, edited b Neil Astley


    Les Triplettes de Belleville, Sylvain Chomet
    8 Mile, Curtis Hanson
    The Man without a Past, Aki Kaurismaki
    Veronica Guerin, Joel Schumacher
    In The Cut, Jane Campion
    Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino
    Intermission, John Crowley
    The Honeymooners, Karl Golden
    The Pirates of The Carribean, Gore Verbinski


    Duck, Stella Feehily
    Blood, Lars Noren
    Abigal’s Party, Mike Leigh
    Suicide, Nikolai Erdman, translated by Peter Tegel

    Worst Play (ever, the only 1 I’ve walked out of!!!) (Black comedy, very bad script)

    Auntie and Me, Morris Panych


    The Frames, Union Chapel
    The Go-Betweens, Astoria
    Vivialdi, St Martin In The Fields (ok gate crashed a rehersal, but it was great!!)


    Ran 2 x 5KM races (ok peanuts, but it’s the first races I’ve ran since school!!!)

    1st ‘grown up’ football games

    Man Utd (6) vs West Ham (0), Old Trafford

    Man Utd (3) vs Juventus (0), Stadio De Alpi

    1st time on the slopes – skiing in Italy

    Surfing (trying) in Brazil

    Finishing the 7 munros on The Ring of Steal in Scotland & not killing Paul Roche, chief navigator, when I found out we had to cross a waterfall at the end of a 10 hour ‘easy’ hike!!!

    Passed my Biology exam - worth sacrificing the fiction and the sailing!!!

    Get togethers at Friends weddings (7!! Lay off the romance for a while, please!!!!)


    Joining the Man Utd football supporters club & getting a gift of a Man Utd share for my birthday (from Naoimh, not Tom!!!)

    Skiing in Italy

    Breanndan O'Nuallain


    Evan Dando. Baby I'm bored.
    The Libertines. Up the Bracket.
    Fountains of Wayne. Welcome Interstate Managers.
    Radiohead. Hail to the Thief.
    Coldplay. A Rush of Blood to the Head.
    The White Stripes. Elephant.
    Jet. Get Born.
    Kings of Leon. Youth and Young Manhood.
    The Strokes. Room on Fire.
    The Darkness. Permission to Land.

    Song of the year

    Jet's "Are you gonna be my girl"

    here are the gigs that I enjoyed most this year, in order:

    The Libertines, Melkweg, Amsterdam
    Frank Black & the Catholics, Melkweg Evan Dando, Tivoli, Utrecht.
    Electric Six, Paradiso, January
    Kings of Leon, Paradiso, Amsterdam
    The Strokes, HMH, Amsterdam
    Joe Jackson Band, Paradiso
    REM, Tivoli, Utrecht (tiny gig for them, about 800 ppl)
    Jane's Addiction, Paradiso
    White Stripes, Paradiso
    The Darkness, Paradiso
    Pedro the Lion, Paradiso
    The Buzzcocks, Paradiso

    BTW, Echo and the Bunnymen come last for being too lazy to play their own instruments.

    Caroline O'Reilly


    1. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Fever to Tell"
    2. The Kills "Keep on your mean side"
    3. Peaches "Fatherfucker"
    4. The Rapture "Echoes"
    5. The Strokes "Room on Fire"
    6. The Ravonettes "Chain gang of Love"
    7. Radiohead "Hail to the Thief"
    8. The Thrills "So much for the city"
    9. The White Stripes "Elephant"
    10. Wild Billy Childish & the friends of the Buff Medway Fanciers association "1914"


    1. Black Tongue The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    2. Maps The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    3. Wet Questions Keziah Jones
    4. House of Jealous Lovers The Rapture
    5. Stuff me up Peaches
    6. Santa Cruz (you're not that far) The Thrills
    7. That great love sound The Raveonettes
    8. Crumble Calexico
    9. Well its true that we love one another The White Stripes
    10. Hitched The Kills


    1. The Kills - Lowlands
    2. Peaches - Bowery Ballroom NYC
    3. The original PJ Harvey trio - Lowlands
    4. The Polyphonic Spree - Lowlands
    5. The Rapture - Lowlands NL
    6. The Ravonettes - Amsterdam * 4
    7. Tindersticks, Paradiso, Amsterdam Sept 2003
    8. Common, Paradiso, Amsterdam May 2003
    9. Calexico - Paradiso, Amsterdam, April
    10. Goldfrapp - Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 2003

    Joanne Poynton

    1. Life of Pi - Yann Martel (probably the best book I've read in years!)
    2. Atonement - Ian McEwan
    After that... the following aren't in any real order but they would be in my top 10 for this year:
    3. Bel Canto - Ann Packett (except for last ch. too much of a cop-out but excellent up till then)
    4. a couple of Nuala O'Faolainn books
    4. K-Pax 1 (2 and 3 got too repetitive)
    5. The Rice Mother -Rani Manicka
    6. The Tax Inspector - Peter Carey
    7. The Agony and Ecstasy - Irving Stone
    8. The New York Trilogy - Paul Auster
    9. Songs in Ordinary Times - Mary McCarry Morris
    10. The last time they met - Anita Shreve

    Re. films:
    Wasn't that impressed this year at all but would have to put down:
    1. Lord of the Rings 2.
    2. The Hours

    Enda Ruddy

    1. Music in Mouth – Bell X1
    2. Hail to the Thief – Radiohead
    3. Elephant – the White Stripes
    4. Room on Fire – The Strokes
    5. Up The Bracket - The Libertines
    6. Fever to Tell - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    7. So Much for the City – The Thrills
    8. Love is Hell – Ryan Adams
    9. My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves
    10. Hot Hot Heat – Make up the breakdown

    1. Massive Attack – Heineken Music Hall
    2. The Strokes/Har Mar Superstar – Heineken Music Hall
    3. Jane’s Addiction - Paradiso
    4. The Flaming Lips - Melkweg
    5. Common – Paradiso
    6. Yo La Tengo - Roskilde
    7. The Thrills - Melkweg
    8. Bell X1 - Paradiso
    9. The Frames – Vicar St, Dublin
    10. Bjork – Roskilde

    1. 2+2=5 - Radiohead
    2. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    3. Santa Cruz you’re not that far – The Thrills
    4. Crazy in Love - Beyoncé (I know, I know)
    5. Bandages – Hot Hot Heat

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Donnie Darko
    3. 25th Hour
    4. 28 Days Later
    5. Kill Bill Vol 1

    Anthony Scarfo

    Best Albums

    1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
    2. Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herron Band - A special album
    3. Bonnie Prince Billy - Master & Everyone
    4. The White Stripes - Elephant
    5. Damien Rice - O
    6. The Kills - Back on the mean side
    7. Room on Fire by The Strokes
    8. Death in Vegas - The Contino Sessions (i only bought it this year)
    9. Outkast - Speakerboxx/Love Below
    10. Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood (I want a 'tache)

    Top 10 of the I haven't bought or fully heard yet, but need to be mentioned otherwise I'd just die of embarrassment as my real top 10 is not fully reflective of where I wanna be in this present hemisphere

    1. Chain Gang of Love by the Ravonettes
    2. Lovers by the Sleepy Jackson (my sole Australian entry. Vines - please save me!)
    3. Fatherfucker by the Peaches
    4. That new one by Dashboard Confessional
    5. Richard X
    6. I can't stop by Al Green
    7. Out of Season Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man (I heard it first this year, so it's Good enough for 2003)
    8. Greendale by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    9. Warren Zevon's posthumous release. He recorded this while slowly being eaten away by cancer. I look forward to hearing his version of knockin on heavens door - seems like a brave song to do when you are dying
    10. Unearthed by Johnny Cash. I thought his version of "Hurt" was greate

    My 3 Best Films (I didn't see 10 great ones - not a good cinema year for me)

    1. Dark Water - Hideo Nakata and Kurosawa Kiyoshi
    2. Dirty Pretty Things - Stephen Frears
    3. Swimming Pool - François Ozon

    Colin Waugh

    1 ulrich schnauss - faraway trains passing by
    2 love - forever changes
    3 kraftwerk - tour de france
    4 the rapture - echoes
    5 talking heads - best of

    1 flaming lips - hyammersmith apollo,london
    2 underground - witness,ireland
    3 curt elling - pizza jazz express,london
    4 the rapture - witnness
    5 frank black - sheperds bush,london

    1 return of the king
    2 adaptation
    3 kill bill
    4 about schmidt
    5 crimson gold