Top 10 2013 RIP Lou Reed

Album of the year

  1. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
  2. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the city
  3. Arcade Fire - Reflector
  4. My Bloody Valentine - M B V
  5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away
  6. Atoms for Peace - AMOK
  7. James Blake - Overgrown
  8. Yo La Tengo - Fade
  9. Jagwar Ma - Howlin
  10. Mount Kimbie - Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

TV of the year

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Game Of Thrones
  3. Les Revenants / The returned


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All time Contributors

Declan Bates


1. The National - Trouble will find me
2. Various 60's legends - The Boat that Rocked Soundtrack
3. G.W. MacLennan - Fireboy
4. John Martyn - May You Never (Best of)
5. Nick Drake - Pink Moon
6. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away
7. Peter Tosh - Playlist (Best of)
8. Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
9. Atoms for Peace - Amok
10. Wilco - Kicking Television


1. Iggy McGovern - A Mystic Dream of Four (book)
2. Nate Silver - The Signal and the Noise (book)
3. Wilco - Ashes of American Flags (film)
4. Oliver Stone - Untold history of the United States (TV)
5. Rolling Stones - Crossfire Hurricane (film)
6. LCD SoundSystem - Shut up and play the hits (film)
7. Modern Family (TV)
8. Lincoln (film)
9. Seamus Heaney - District & Circle (book)
10. Little Odessa (film)

Enda Bates

Music Top Ten

1. My Bloody Valentine - Mbv
2. Sigur Ros - Kveikur
3. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
4. Dancing Suns - Dancing Suns
5. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
6. This is How we Fly - This is How we Fly
7. Lubomyr Melnyk - Remnants of A Man
8. Henry Vega - Wormsongs
9. atoms for peace - AMOK

TV Top Ten

1. Game of Thrones
2. Breaking Bad
3. Mad Men
4. Treme
5. Rectify
6. Top of the Lake
7. Boardwalk Empire
8. The Americans
9. Vikings
10. Hannibal

Garbhán Blake

1 Darkside -Psychic
2 Four Tet - beautiful rewind
3 Foals - Holy fire
4 Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the city
5 Rilo Kiley - Rkives
6 Bill Callahan - Dream River
7 Low - The Invisible Way
8 Yo La Tengo - Fade
9 The National - Trouble will find me
10 Phosphorescent - Muchacho

Gigs / Live events
Been to a few good shows this year, but the 3 that stand out are The Necks ( amazing live jazz trio from Australia) in Whelans, The New Mendicants (Norman Blake and Joe Pernice) also in Whelans and 80s German synth pop rocker, Michael Rother in The Village.

The All Ireland hurling final and replay were INCREDIBLE. Made even better by attending with a calm, restrained Clare fan (McG).

Pretty obvious, the last time there was such post show water cooler conversation domination, everybody was asking "Who shot JR?", but Breaking Bad hit those heady heights.

Have a great 2014!!!!

Mark Butcher



  1. Public Service Broadcasting – Inform, Educate, Entertain
  2. Jagwar Ma – Howlin'
  3. Swim Deep – When the Heaven Are We
  4. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
  5. Arctic Monkeys - AM
  6. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City
  7. Holy Ghost! - Dynamics
  8. Haim – Days Are Gone
  9. Matthew E White – Big Inner
  10. John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts


Cloud Control – Dream Cave Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Foxygen – We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold Peace – In Love Pond – Hobo Rocket Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II



  1. Gravity (Dir: Alfonso Cuarón)
  2. Zero Dark Thirty (Dir: Kathryn Bigelow)
  3. Sightseers (Dir: Ben Wheatley)
  4. Rush (Dir: Ron Howard)
  5. Argo (Dir: Ben Affleck)
  6. Skyfall (Dir: Sam Mendes)
  7. A Field In England (Dir: Ben Wheatley)
  8. Only God Forgives (Dir: Nicolas Winding Refn)
  9. Django Unchained (Dir: Quentin Tarantino)
  10. Rust & Bone (Dir: Jacques Audiard)
  11. Berberian Sound Studio (Dir: Peter Strickland)
  12. Wreck It Ralph (Dir: Rich Moore)

Tom Corcoran

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It's a golden age for listening to music, but it's unsustainable. For 10 euros a month I have my two squeezeboxes, one a boom with it's own speakers, in the kitchen, the other connected to my hi-fi in the living room. Any album I hear about from any source be it radio, newspaper, web, I can add to my Deezer favourite albums and be listening to it in minutes. This is phenomenal. But the artists are getting buttons, something has to change.

What to listen to? I have my trusted sources of course but with this access I have never listened to so much new stuff as this year.

Burial's Rival Dealer EP came out before Christmas and I have the vinyl package as yet unopened lined up as the first audio treat of 2014 :-)

  1. Atoms for Peace - Amok (Vinyl)
  2. James Blake - Overgrown
  3. My Bloody Valentine - M B V (Vinyl)
  4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away
  5. Tom Odell - Long Way Down
  6. Blood Orange - Cupid
  7. The Flaming Lips - The Terror
  8. The National - Trouble will find Me
  9. Steve Mason - Monkey Mind's in the devil's time
  10. Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest.
  11. Tame Impale - Lonerism
  12. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
  13. Mogwai - Les revenants
Honourable mentions Tunes of the year (My 2013 compilation) Deezer playlist:


Last year I went to no gigs so I decided to sort that early in 2013.

  1. Bonobo - The Olympia, Dublin - 3 Oct
  2. Kendrick Lamar - Vicar Street, Dublin - 14 Jan
  3. Le Galaxie - Palace Loft, Athlone - 25 Jan
Live song of the year Radio show of the year
Moving Pictures
Big screen films

The Athlone film club is on Tuesday nights which seems to always clash with swimming training or something. I managed to slip out to 4 films and none disappointed.

  1. Django Unchained
  2. Before Midnight
  3. Elysium
  4. The Place beyond the pines
Small screen films
  1. Take Shelter (2011, USA)
  2. What Richard Did (2012, Ireland)
  3. Home (2008, France)
  4. Once upon a time in Anatolia (Turkey 2011)
  5. The Burning Plan (2008, USA)
  6. Mud (2012, USA)
  7. The Italian Job
  8. The Savages (2007, USA)
  9. Indie Game: The Movie (2012)
  10. Serenity (2005, USA)
Honourable mentions Turkey of the year Sports documentary

  • Where the trail ends
  • Undefeated
  • We got Game
  • TV series

    Why did I not have time for all those personal projects dreamt about this year. I think the below list offers a clue to my succumbing to resistance & procrastination. We tried some episodes of other series like Peaky Blinders, Treme, Westwood, Girls, Luther, Justified, but these are ones stuck with.

    1. Breaking Bad Season 5
    2. Game of Thrones - Season 3
    3. The Walking Dead - Season 4
    4. House of Cards - Season 1
    5. Firefly
    6. Les Revenants
    7. Suits - Season 3
    8. Boss - Season 1
    9. The Good Wife - Season 5
    10. Dexter - Season 8
    11. Nurse Jackie - Season 5
    12. The Killing - Season 3
    13. The Black List
    14. Top of the Lake
    15. The Fall
    16. Newsroom - Season 2
    17. Weeds - Seasons 1-3
    18. Mad Men - Season 6
    19. Homeland - Season 3
    20. Boardwalk Empire - Season 4
    21. Sherlock - Season 1

    I started off the year with a goal to read a book every month. I even made up my reading list. I started off well but have about 5 or 6 started and not finished books :-(

    1. Born to Run - Christopher McDougall
    2. Running - Ronnie O'Sullivan
    3. History's Daughter: A Memoir from the only child of Terence MacSwiney by Máire MacSwiney Brugha
    4. The Secret Race - Tyler Hamilton
    5. Bradley Wiggins: My Time: An Autobiography
    6. Cold Wars: Climbing the Line Between Risk and Reality - Andy Kirkpatrick
    7. Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
    My Live events Worst Live event Live Sport Armchair Sport
    1. Rob Heffernan wins gold for Ireland in 50K walk at Athletics world championship in Moscow (14 Aug)
    2. Ronnie O'Sullivan retaining the World Snooker Championship on 6 weeks training after taking 10 and a half months off.
    3. Claire winning the All-Ireland Hurling (8 Sep)
    4. Great North Run (15 Sep)
    5. 2013 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final London (14-15 Sep)
    Podcast Mountain Bike Trail Outdoor discovery Climb Hike Destination Camping Android App

    I could list all the apps from last year again. Here are a few additions:

    1. SwipePad
    2. TwicaFalcon Pro
    3. Buffer

    Tony Corrigan

    This year, after considering what is a top 10, I think essentially, it came down to live experiences. There are so many ways to gorge yourself on music, which is increasingly derivative and unfulfilling that I only really feel committed to those acts that I’ve had the full, visceral, live experience of….and so without further ado…

    1. Robyn Hitchcock 60th Birthday Party, Underground, London, Feb – This was a career retrospective covering one song from every album and then some…a truly transformative experience that couldn’t be bettered. Full band, Nick Lowe, like all my birthdays came at once.

    2. Pixies – Olympia – Nov – How could this not be up there. No Kim, but no matter, the sound transcends the lineup. This was classic Pixies, the new tunes feel like they’ve been around forever (and wouldn’t be out of place on any Frank Black albums). Cracking, high-energy, non-stop show. When I saw them in the National Stadium, I lost my clothes in the moshpit. Myself and Kev McG had a the fortune this time to be able to lean up against a barrier and enjoy the show without breaking a sweat.

    3. Eels – Olympia, March – This was a real cracker; I’ve only been listening to them for a couple of years following a plug from McG. They’re just so tight, a joy to listen to. The highlight was the ‘secret encore’!

    4. Blur / Bat for Lashes, Kilmainham, Aug – Went to this with my regular partner Dave McG, swore to Tom that he never saw Damon swing from the rafters in McGonagles (!!)….classy gig all round, super high energy and good vibes.

    5. The Who, O2, June. This was the Quadrophenia show, one that I hadn’t really gotten into. This was my second Who show and each time I come away thinking that if they’re that good now, what would they have been like with Keith and John. The support, Vintage Trouble, were sensational too!

    6. Bryan Ferry, NCH, July – I go as much to see his guitarist Oliver Thompson as much as himself. Great show, great tunes and a delightful venue!

    7. Robyn Hitchcock, Band in the Wall, Manchester, Nov – This was solo Robyn and a much looser affair. 45 minutes of a set followed by 85 minutes of random covers and classics at the audiences request…Anyone for a mash-up of Stayin’ Alive and Golden Years?

    8. Regina Spektor – Olympia, Aug – You know when you think you’ve got a leftfield artist then you turn up to a gig and there’s hundreds of total die-hard fans. Sure she nearly cried with the adoration projected towards the stage. In any event, she totally rocks and rocked.

    9. Conor Oberst – NCH, Feb – Brought Maeveanne, 8 months pregnant to this one…lucky they have comfy seats in that place. I’d been disappointed when he pulled out of EP a few years back, but this made up for it.

    10. Sigur Ros – O2, Nov – Can’t warm to the venue and I don’t know that the band did either. Having said that, they didn’t put a foot wrong, the tunes are incredibly stong, the my general complaint that if it’s not on in Whelans, it’s on somewhere too big, doesn’t stack up.

    Cathryn Costello

    Iron & Wine, Ghost on Ghost
    Best tracks,
    Grace for Saints and Ramblers

    Laura Marling, Once I Was an Eagle

    Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

    Gigs n Clubs
    Richard Hawley, Leamington Spa

    Laura Marling, London
    Grand Eagle Ball

    Electric Picnic, Stradbally
    Highlights: David Byrne & St Vincent, Billy Bragg

    Horse Meat Disco, Berlin
    A great bash for a friend's 40th. Best dancing in aeons.

    Classical Concerts
    Murray Perahia, The Barbican
    Haydn Sonata in D Major
    Bach French Suite No 4
    Beethoven Op 81a Les Adieux
    Schubert Moments Musicaux Op 94
    Chopin Impromptus in F# major Op 36
    Chopin Scherzo Op 3

    East Marries West, Oxford
    Sitar and cello - Indian Classical - in Oxford loveliest venue, Holywell Music Room

    Mary Robinson, Everybody Matters

    Vikram Seth, An Equal Music
    (picked this up at a bad time and was immediately immersed, read just after I saw A Late Quartet, so was intrigued at the dynamics between the foursomes, An Equal Music also being about a string quartet)

    Mario Vargas Llosa, The Dream of the Celt - (ok, I didn't finish this, as it's so dark it turned out to be a bad choice for holiday reading, but will return in 2014. Fascinating re-telling of Roger Casement's life)

    Dervla Murphy, Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle
    (Gave this as a present to my favourite 17 year old and ended up re-reading it. Also opened a case of books I had saved from my cousin Michael's collection and found no less than twelve Murphy's. On In Ethiopia with a Mule as Christmas reading.)

    Borgen - Series 1, 2 and now 3 on the telly. Felt like I had learned Danish by osmosis. Made moderate coalition politics and parliamentary democracy seem glorious.

    Masters of Sex - Amazing performance from the always wonderful Michael Sheen, as Dr Masters, and the genteel steel of Lizzy Caplan as Johnson, and Caitlin Fitzgerald as Libby Masters, with Beau Bridges and Allison Janney in the background. Succeeds where Mad Men fails (in my limited viewing) to convey the full horrors of sexism and homophobia, with enthralling interpersonal dynamics, and glamour too.

    Orange is the New Black - despite myself, enjoyed this. More-ish. Netflix saves Christmas!

    A Late Quartet, Yaron Zilberman
    Before Midnight, Richard Linklater (love Linklater, and great to see those two still sparring. Made me feel old though!)
    Lincoln, Steven Spielberg (a great watch for constitutional lawyers..)
    Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach (no where as good as The Squid and the Whale, but pleasant diversion)
    To the Wonder, Terence Malick (preferred 2011's Tree of Life, but still worth watching)
    The Sessions, Ben Lewin (DVD) (Helen Hunt, ever watchable)
    Marley, Kevin Macdonald (DVD)

    Druid Murphy, Siamsa Tire, Tralee
    Tom Murphy's Conversations on a Homecoming, A Whistle in the Dark
    Bleak but brilliant.

    Jasmin Vardimon Company - Freedom
    Oxford Playhouse

    Hofesh Shechter - Everyday Moments
    Fuel Theatre
    Alone in a dark room, with Hofesh's sonorous voice on a headset prompting moves, with music to move to. Cathartic. Best cultural outing of the year, no contest.

    Wayne McGregor, Timepiece, Roundhouse
    My second Wayne show, the first being Entity
    This piece filled the Roundhouse floor.

    Richie Evans

    Best of 2013

    I guess it's not a bad complaint when you feel you've listened to too much music in a year. But, using Spotify almost exclusively, I can't help but feel that I've missed out on some artists that might normally make my top 10, either because the artist isn't available on Spotify, or because I just didn't get to it because of the sheer volume of new music available. Examples would be Bill Callahan and Nick Cave, respectively. But then if I hadn't listened to so much new music, I might not have heard Torres or Parquet Courts, 2 albums that did make my Top Ten.

    I hope Tom doesn't mind, but I'd like to bend the rules slightly to provide 2 top 10 albums lists, loosely differentiated by the electronic/non-electronic tags.

    Top 10 Electronic Albums - in no particular order.

    Top 10 Non-Electronic Albums - in no particular order.

    Top 10 Gigs - in no particular order.


    Broken Toy by Veronica Falls. Many school runs this year were enlivened by a sing-along to this gem. My tune of the year!


    John Grant and Sinead O'Connor dueting on Queen of Denmark in Vicar St. Live music heaven!


    Having kids has definitely stymied my cinema going, but I made sure I got to see Gravity this year. Despite some glaring 'gravity' mistakes, I loved it!


    The emergence of the new craft breweries, Brewdog etc., has me drinking beer again. Heineken & Carlsberg? Nein danke! A new year's resolution for 2014 will be to get my own Growler!

    Below is a link to a Spotify playlist containing some of my favourite tunes of 2013.

    Ronan Hickey

    A running injury and getting used to having a kid took a toll on this year's list but on the upside I will have seen about 70 films this year! Gigs were based around three festivals: Forbidden Fruit, Indiependence and Electric Picnic.

    1. A Color Map of the Sun - Pretty Lights
    2. Les Revenants Soundtrack - Mogwai
    3. Wonderful Glorious - The Eels

    Few albums made an impact this year. Brilliant to see the first Pretty Lights album in 4 years. Definitely worth watching the fascinating (and occasionally car-crash) documentary on the making of the album.

    1. Chris Thile @ The Pepper Cannister Church
    2. They Might Be Giants @ Vicar Street
    3. Bjork @ Electric Picnic
    4. The Eels @ The Olympia
    5. The Pharcyde @ The Sugar Club
    6. Four Tet @ Forbidden Fruit
    7. The Knife @ Electric Picnic
    8. Soundgarden @ The O2
    9. Little Green Cars @ Electric Picnic
    10. Chvrches @ Electric Picnic

    Chris Thile was the stand-out gig of 2013. Unreal. Such amazing talent. They Might Be Giants were fun to see, 19 years (gasp!) after I saw them play in Columbia Mills. Hell, the venue doesn't even exist any more. Bjork killed it at the Picnic yet again. The Pharcyde played a stomping sweaty gig in the Sugar Club and I finally got to see The Eels, The Knife, Four Tet and Soundgarden live. Little Green Cars get a mention for one of the most fun gigs at the Picnic.

    1. Blue is the warmest colour
    2. The Gatekeepers
    3. The Summit
    4. Harold and Maude
    5. Bobby Fischer vs The World
    6. Winter Soldier
    7. The Act of Killing
    8. Stoker
    9. The Taking of Pelham 123
    10. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    A lot of films watched this year, largely while babysitting! Blue is the Warmest Colour wins for me, amazingly strong performance from Adele Exarchopoulos. The Gatekeepers documentary was amazing as well, quite chilling. And The Act of Killing makes it in although it was one of the oddest and most uncomfortable films I have ever seen. Actually just looking at it now, when you add in Winter Soldier and Summit that's three documentaries on mass murders/genocides and one on a tragic fatal accident this year in my Top 10. Good times. Hat tip to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari which I saw on a sunny evening in Fitzwillian Park scored by (3)epkano. I can see where Tim Burton got his ideas from.

    1. Two Years Before the Mast - Richard Henry Dana Jr
    2. Bit of a Blur - Alex James
    3. The Mirror of the Sea - Joseph Conrad
    4. The Kon-tiki Expedition - Thor Heyerdahl
    5. Barefoot Running Step by Step - Barefoot Ken Bob

    Reading dropped off massively this year. This year was largely catching up on books I already had which I hadn't got around to yet. While not really a Blur fan I really enjoyed Alex James' autobiography though. It gave a real insight into the madness.

    Ewan Hunter

    I can probably muster a total of ten things for the year, with no particular theme or order, so here they are.

    1. Bleak House by Charles Dickens
    I can't believe I've waited until my 41st year to read Dickens. The mastery of language is an education in itself, the observation of character is enthralling, and the opening passage describing the fog of London reads like pure beat poetry. A revelation.

    2. The Killing, series one (Danish version)
    Great noire thriller with a Shakesperean political backdrop. The second series was a disappointment in terms of the tightness of the plot and character development.

    3. Twelfth Night - Propeller Theatre Company at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle.
    This company are head and shoulders the freshest interpreters of Shakespeare I have seen yet. All the tragedy and pathos, but with cross- dressing, tap dancing and rock and roll!

    4. Ratatouille - Walt Disney
    Our 3 year old loves this, and so do I. The visual imagination of the animators is incredible, and plenty of knowing jokes to keep the grown-ups entertained.

    5. Laura Cantrell - When The Roses Bloom Again
    This has been on constant rotation in our house for years. Don't know much about her - just one of those great one-off albums. Great country song writing with a rocking studio band driving it all along.

    6. The National Railway Museum, York.
    Another one for the kids, but for the grown-ups a feast of gorgeous design, aesthetics and typography. Escape into dreams of a more elegant age for the morning.

    7. Hub dynamos - now fitted to both my commuting bikes. Never forget your lights or run out of batteries again. Should have done this years ago.

    8. Front-mounted child's bike seat.
    Put your young passenger up front for a guaranteed hilarious running commentary on even the shortest journey.

    9. Douce Ambiance - Django Reinhardt.
    We've been playing this in the Side Cafe Orkestar - our occasional Klezmer/cafe/jazz band in Newcastle. A beautifully simple chord sequence but with classic Django twists, passing through a diminished seventh to the key change and a flat five-seven in the turnaround - anyone can mug through it, but there's a lifetime's study to get it right!

    10. Scottish Lowland Pipes, made by Ian Corrigan in County Durham.
    Have had these a couple of years now - they sound great in the bathroom. I wonder if any other kids on our street have the bagpipes played to them while they're having a bath?

    Brendan Jennings

    Top 10 Albums 2013

    1. My Bloody Valentine - mbv
    2. No surprise that this is my no. 1 :-)
    3. Yo La Tengo - Fade
    4. Their best ablum in years.
    5. Deafheaven - Sunbather
    6. Probably not for everyone---a black metal / shoegaze fusion, so lots of screamed lyrics, but strangely beautiful; I like it.
    7. Moonface - Julia with Blue Jeans On
    8. Spencer Krug (from Wolf Parade) shows he's a terrific pianist and songwriter. Well worth a listen.
    9. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
    10. Was played over and over again during the summer in our house.
    11. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
    12. Would be a lot better if they dropped 3 or 4 tracks.
    13. Grimes - Visions
    14. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
    15. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
    16. Matthew E. White - Big Inner

    Favourite Tracks

    Here's a spotify playlist for my 2013 listening:


    Tracy Johns

    Not in particular order but I will do a proper mix order later!

    1. Come a little closer - Cage the Elephant
    2. Changes (Deep under dub mix) - Appleblim
    3. Falling (Psychemagik remix) - Haim
    4. Curfew (Bilinda Butchers remix) - Mister Loveless
    5. I'll be Alright - Passion Pit
    6. What's up suckaz - TJR
    7. Miracle (DallasK remix) - TJR
    8. Dreams (Auto Body Remix) - Fleetwood Mac
    9. Careful What you wish for - Bell X1
    10. XO - Beyoncé

    Chris Louca

    Here are my highlights:

    Music: Top 10 (in no particular order!!!)

    I personally think 2013 has been a pretty awesome year for music and after much deliberation I’ve managed to whittle down my original list of 30 albums of note to a top 10…. There’s no order as all are as good as the other but I suppose my stand outs have to be the top 3. No wait, its Nick Cave and Pond…. Hang on, Volcano Choir and Matthew E.White are stunning too! Bollocks….. They’re all great!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare
    Milk Music – Cruise Your Illusion
    Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold
    Phosphorescent – Muchacho
    Jagwar Ma – Howlin
    Pond – Hobo Rocket
    Nick Cave – Push The Sky Away
    Matthew E.White – Big Love
    F**k Buttons – Slow Focus
    Volcano Choir – Repave

    Notable Mentions:

    Mark Lanegan – Imitiations
    Eels – Wonderful, Glorious
    Midlake – Antiphon
    Oblivions – Desperation
    Wampire – Curiosity
    Bill Callahan – Dream River

    Films Of The Year (that were watched this year – some may be from 2012!!!)

    Although I deeply love my children, it really has hindered our ability to go to the cinema!!! – hence we watch the vast majority of our movies on DVD via Lovefilm… When we do get chance to go to the cinema we have to be pretty choosy!

    Robot & Frank
    Django Unchained
    Captain Phillips (wahoo – managed to watch at the cinema)
    Seven Psychopaths
    Rush (another cinema outing!!!!)
    Wreck It Ralph

    Notable mentions:

    Iron Man 3, Thor 2 (purely because they were both cinema outings!), End of Watch, Despicable Me 2, Rise of the Guardians, Jack Reacher and Star Trek 2.

    Small Screen –

    As prime time evening TV is pretty shite (unless you like celebrity twaddle or fly on the wall stuff every night) we tend to sky+ a whole series and watch it in a block over a week. To be honest, I couldn’t say what is on TV most nights!!!!

    This year we’ve mostly been watching and enjoying the following –

    Breaking Bad – just the 5th and final series to go (DVD prepped already) No spoilers please!!
    Peaky Blinders – How nice was it to hear the dulcet brummie accent on TV again? Pretty decent TV from the BBC, regardless of the ‘Blinders’ being Small Heath fans….
    The Mentalist – it just gets better and better!
    Arrow – I know it’s totally daft but it mindnumbingly wonderful to watch!
    The Returned – French, the undead returning and a Mogwai soundtrack….. sounds about right!
    The Wipers Times
    Toast of London – I could just watch the ‘voice over’ scenes over and over again – stupidly brilliant!
    Game of Thrones - Why does it take so long between seasons!!!!!

    Literature –

    It’s been a pretty solid year of reading too – but I’ve kind of binged on the likes of Jo Nesbo, Lee Child, Bateman and Christopher Brookmyre…

    Niall Lynch

    Another bumper music year this year which is the year I finally succumbed to the spotify (thanks caroline). It was hard to restrict it to 10 so I put in a few more. This is all possible thanks to Spotify and Donal Dineen's weekly show on 2xm. There's no way I would have listened to so much stuff if it wasn't so easy to track down on spotify and Donal is a great filter, if it makes it onto his show, you know it's worth digging deeper.
    1. Julia Holter - Loud City Song
    2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito
    3. Yo La Tengo - Fade
    4. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavelle - Perils from the Sea
    5. Airhead - For Years
    6. Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe
    7. Jon Hopkins - Immunity
    8. Devendra Banhart - Mala
    9. King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
    10. Parquet Courts - Light up Gold
    Listen to the playlist Niall_Best_2013 on Spotify:

    Honourable mentions

    Others worth Mentioning

    The Gigs

    John McAuliffe

    Gigs : Indoor

    Die Antwoord - Olympia
    Hadn't seen or listened before. Friends recommended
    Strange, arresting and engaging. Pretty wise choice.

    Pixies - Olympia Dublin
    Intriguing lighting, Joey (reluctant guitar hero), 2 hours, 2 many camera phones, 2 Kims gone.

    Neon Neon - Button Factory
    Welsh wizard / creative magician - Gruff Rhys making Ordinary Extraordinary.
    Intoxicating concept gig detailing lives of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli in first half and John DeLorean second half.
    Bizarre and Entertaining.

    Johnny Marr - The Academy
    Energetic debut solo show. Up for it. Rumours of an ex-colleague backstage who was in town at same time were unfounded.

    Sigur Ros - The O2
    100ft surround projection curtain, wide screen visuals, set list, Olsen Olsen :), Takk :)

    Duckworth Lewis Method - Olympia Dublin
    Cricket Choir. 2 hours with songs just about cricket?. It's possible without being in any way boring!

    Bonobo - Olympia Dublin

    September Girls / Girls Names - Whelans
    SG - deliciously talented, singular style and vision. My favorite(sic) girl group. Debut album Jan 6th
    GN : 9 min song "The New Life" finished too soon. A nice discovery

    Aimee Mann - Bord Gais Energy Theatre.
    Decent venue, sterile atmosphere. Crowd stapled to seats.
    Aimee Mann is a natural pro tho', throwing out consistently good songs like confetti

    Editors - Olympia
    Had Gig fatigue at this, but could appreciate it was good. Hopefully the camera phone phenomenon dies down next year.

    Gigs : Outdoor

    Bruce Springsteen - Nolan Park Kilkenny
    3 hours+ from evening sunshine to midnight darkness. Hadn't seem him live before, so taking a ticket bought for my mother's because she couldn't go - I'm glad I did..He and his band give everything putting a lot of younger bands to shame,.

    Beach House/ Connan Mockasin - Iveagh Gardens
    Sacrifice - one day of Longitude
    Connan - artful, magic, magnetic not "got" by many
    Beach House - dreamy summer evening.

    Blur - IMMA
    Reminded of great catalog of songs. Non-stop. Gave it socks.

    Longitude - Marlay Park
    Super sunny setting, Phoenix, Django Django, Hot Chip, gimmicky Kraftwerk 3d.
    Pretty good. This might be

    Electric Picnic : intense tent cities, one too meh-ny times. This was my 9th I think.
    David Byrne & St. Vincent : dripping with creativity and surprise
    Johnny Marr : spark still glows as heard in New Town Velocity
    Wu-Tang Clan : white towels, anger'n'attitude in the afternoon sun.
    MBV : detached, 10 min white noise solo :/

    Ennio Morricone - IMMA
    Intermittent Rain. Sitting. 100 piece choir. 80 piece orchestra.
    Sounds better than it was. Over just as it got going.

    Books - not a year of books for me, but rarely is

    Morrissey Autobiography
    Chapterless Dickensian bleakness, razor sharp descriptions, cinematic fast cut narrative.
    Great humour carefully interwoven with stories that obliquely reference his lyrics and random musings of the power of TV, music, film.
    Without doubt, knowledgeable fans will get the most out of it. Even the "bitterness" is funny in a "throwing the toy out of the pram" kind of way. Although, still to finish, my impression is at odds with the clichéd summaries and Ill judged assumptions of many journalistic reviews.

    50 50 : Dean Karnazes
    Predictable compared to its predecessor Ultramarathon Man.. 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. That said I haven't finished it.

    Brian Tracey : The Psychology of Success ( Audio Book )
    Lots of good stuff

    BingeFests: Only got into binge viewing this year. No ads. No waiting around till next week, next year...

    1-5 Breaking Bad: Exceeded hype. Rollercoaster. Addictive. Stylish.Moody.Subtle.Atmospheric. Light and Shade. Violent. Escapism
    ( seasons 1-5 )

    6 - 9 Love / Hate : Lived up to hype. fast cut, innovative,clever location and music selection, structured, stylish, storylines, uncompromising.
    ( seasons 1-4 )

    10. Vikings - Season 1: big budget. not flashy but real. Season was a superb odyssey. Most filmed in Ireland too. Can't wait for next season.

    Routes (running, biking, hiking )

    Cappadocia (Turkey) : random meandering via mtb through sweeping sandy chicanes, fairy chimneys and unearthly rock formations in the middle of Turkey. A pretty spectacular discovery.
    Dublin - Phoenix Park - versatile enough for offroad mtb, running and standard cycling. Still one of the best places in Europe for outdoor pursuits.
    Sandymount & South Bull - Dublin : beach, trail and long pier out to sea - a proper pipe opener.
    Wicklow - Ballinastoe : great variety of mtg trails. Further away but better than Ticknock.
    Budapest : super spongey running track around the circumference of the forested Margaret island (middle of the Danube). Quiet and salubrious.
    Berlin : 10k along the bank of the Spree listening to Achtung Baby, recorded there over 20 years earlier.
    Goreme (Turkey): Love Valley - nice hiking trail through valley with spectacular rock formations
    London : Ladywell Park - a lovely chilled park adjacent to a train line. Has an athletics track in the middle of it also.
    London : Greenwich Park : Great views of London & the Thames here and a massive heath area adjacent to it also.
    Istanbul : along the banks of the Bosphorous

    Apps & Productivity

    Evernote : my "personal google".
    Piggie : finance tracking. : dynamic reminders
    RunKeeper : still my fitness gamification and self quantification goto.
    Moves : do I use, it or does it use me?. Simple, clever, useful movement tracking.
    IFTTT : Let the web do the work for you.
    SoundGecko : A Wonder app . Get a mini podcast of a long webpage in seconds.
    TV guide : Goto app for the gogglebox.
    Pocket : dumping interesting articles to read later ( or listen to using Soundgecko)
    Voice: a voice recognition app that actually works. Simple and useful when required.


    Ben Greenfield Fitness
    Bulletproof Executive Radio
    Tangentially Speaking
    Ari Meisel - Less Doing
    Latest in Paleo
    Duncan Trussel Family Hour
    Stuff You Should Know
    Highlights from the Future
    Joe Rogan Podcast
    Fatburning Man


    Out of 29 films seen in the cinema : Got the best kick out of these

    Django Unchained
    Iron Man 3
    Gravity IMAX 3D
    Man of Steel
    The Place Beyond The Pines
    The Hobbit 2 IMAX 3D HFR

    Kevin McKellar

    In no particular order:

    1. Gustav Mahler - 2nd Symphony
    2. Sonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins Vol 1
    3. John Wizards - John Wizards
    4. Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington - Ella and Duke at the Cote D'Azur
    5. Professor Longhair - Rock and Roll Gumbo
    6. Anita O-Day - Anita Sings the Most / Diva Collection / Complete Verve Clef Sessions
    7. Alan Lomax Collection - Southern Journey : Voices From The Am
    8. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Ella & Louis Sing Gershwin
    9. Madlib Medicine Show 2 - Flight to Brazil
    10. Charles Mingus - Mingus presents Mingus / Ah um / Live at Antibes / The Salle Wagram Concert

    Anita O-Day - Life of a Jazz Singer (I think you can still find this on BBC IPlayer)
    Gustav Mahler - Royal Concert Gebauw Orchestra, DVD
    Beasts of the Southern Wilds
    5 Broken Cameras
    21 Jump Street
    Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
    The Skin I am in

    Gustav Mahler Royal Concert Gebauw Orchestra, Amsterdam
    Four Tet - Field day, Victoria Park, London
    Steve Noble and friends at Vortex, London
    Mulatu Astake - Field day, Victoria Park, London
    Thomas Mapfumo - Field day, Victoria Park, London
    Icelandic Revolution - pre festival show, OurFest, Aberdeenshire
    Quintin Diablo's quilted Smoking Jacket , OurFest, Aberdeenshire
    Have Mercy Las Vegas and friends, After party - Loch Lomond Folk Festival

    Inside Scientology - Janet Reitman
    Small Gods - Terry Pratchet
    Going Postal - Terry Pratchet
    Not not white the Giro - James Kelman
    Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
    On the Road - Jack Kerouac
    Carrie - Stephen King
    Kieron Smith: A boy: James Kelman

    Dave McGuinness

    2013... Every year is a great year for new music. In 2013 it was available on tap, so although I bought few CDs, I listened to more music than ever. It was also the best summer in decades, with outdoor adventures aplenty, and privileged to make a double trip to Croke Park for two of the best hurling matches in history. Also, for the first time ever, all the albums I've listed below were strictly 2013 releases. Without further ado...

    1. Kashmir - E.A.R. I just love this band. Flamings Lips crossed with Radiohead, and Danish. What's not to like?
    2. Disclosure - Settle. A very close second, a cracking album & possibly one of the best dance records ever made (!)
    3. Atoms for Peace - AMOK. This one was always going to be a winner, and it didn't disappoint
    4. James Blake - Overgrown. Even better than the first album, no mean feat
    5. My Bloody Valentine - mbv. Some things are worth waiting for - this is one of them
    6. Braids - Flourish//Perish. Canadian electronica. Nuff said
    7. Nightmares on Wax - Feelin' Good. Where have these guys been? A sizzling return to form, they haven't been on my radar at all since Carboot Soul.
    8. Jagwar Ma - Howlin'. Another great Aussie debut (playing Whelans next May - be there)
    9. Savages - Silence Yourself. Powerful album. Hard not to compare with Joy Division
    10. Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest. No better chillout band

    Close but no cigar - all top notch, but competition was tough this year

    Best of the rest - all much enjoyed


    No festivals, but still possibly one of the best years for live music. 5 or 6 of these with Tony, clearly my numero uno gig buddy. Great to get to Bonobo with Tom too, and a bunch more with Blaker and Ken. I also dragged Richenda to one or two :)

    1. Eels, Olympia. Absolutely nailed it, including a return to stage for a kick-ass encore 10 minutes after house lights came on
    2. Blur, Kilmainham. Again, some things are worth waiting for. A stomping show start to finish
    3. Fat Freddy's Drop, Vicar St. Had the whole crowd grooving, absolutely fantastic performers
    4. Calexico, Olympia. Polished and brilliant
    5. Bonobo, Olympia. One of those great nights at the Olympia, the place was just heaving
    6. Tame Impala, Olympia. Trippy and brilliant live performance
    7. Braids, The Workman's Club. This could have been gig of the year if they'd played for more than 50 minutes
    8. Regina Spector, Olympia. A lucky score to go along last minute, and very impressive
    9. Iron and Wine, Olympia. Great show
    10. Sigur Ros, O2. Top rate - only issue was the venue
    11. Bloc Party, Olympia. Loudest show of the year. But also damned fine
    12. Michael Rother, The Village. I knew nothing about this German electronica pioneer - can believe he's not better known
    13. Kendrick Lamar, Vicar St. My first hip-hop gig, he is clearly a legend in the making, and the crowd were awesome, they knew every word

    Live Events, Activities, Sports...


    1. Philomena
    2. Django Unchained
    3. Before Midnight
    4. Banff Mountain Film Festival
    5. Life of Pi



    Looking forward to checking out all your recommendations as soon as Tom sends out the email. Wishing you all a great Christmas break

    Nate Morehouse

    Nate’s Best of 2013 List

    1. Kurt Vile – Wakin on a Pretty Daze

    This album was a revelation and a tonic for my 2013. Stony, poignant, sun-drenched, optimistic and endlessly re-playable. In a year of striving, this album reminded me how sometimes the best things just come easy. I love this music. The world needs more of its kind. It places firmly at #1 in my year in review.

    Favorite song: Goldtone

    2. Darkside – Psychic

    Those who know me well know that I am rarely a fan-boy. Very few contemporary musicians have garnered my utmost respect with every release. Nicolas Jaar is one of those exceptions. Ever since I ran across an odd little piece of his called “Little Stone” in 2007 (which reminded me of what Jandek would sound like if he was a house DJ), Nico has been a consistent favorite of mine. His project with Dave Harrington called Darkside is epic, brooding, intelligent and immersive. Their first full length offering is exceptional in every regard, an absolute achievement. Two brilliant musicians in fresh territory, unfettered.

    Favorite song: Metatron

    3. Lapalux – Nostalchic

    Bleary beats. Woozy sex songs and melancholic future ballads. Equally good for late night drifting and early morning runs in the rain. There’s an optimism built deep within this music, but an optimism that exists alongside loss and self-abandon.

    Favorite song: Guuurl

    4. Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

    This album took a while to grow on me, and I feel like I’m still discovering newness in it. There are so many little moments in this album woven together so seamlessly that your mind can just let them lazily slip past, picking up one or two at a time like pebbles in the hand. Worth the time. Also caught these two live this year, an extraordinary set. Those that criticize electronic music as lacking true musicianship should go see this pair create these sounds live.

    Favorite song: Made To Stray

    5. King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

    I should also thank Mount Kimbie for reminding me of King Krule (aka Zoo Kid). Melancholic rude-boy crooner with a bit of punk snottyness and sidewalk grit. Love the horns, reverb and empty streets feel of the production.

    Favorite song: Ocean Bed

    6. Ty Segall – Sleeper

    Simultaneously throwback and forward looking, I’m loving Ty Segall’s prolific output. Reminds me of Syd Barrett in its quirkiness, but with some glam (Bowie?), Stooges, and T. Rex mixed in. Plus some So Cal garage scene pedigree. Quality.

    Favorite song: The Man Man

    7. Local Natives – Hummingbird

    I listened to this a lot early in 2013. Reminds me of late nights making lectures for my course on Animal Communication. I found it very uplifting, but my sister reminded me that the album is actually pretty sad. Guess I just like sad music. Well, whatever it is, Local Natives do it well. Big, emotional songs about love and loss, open skies and long nights.

    Favorite song: Ceilings

    8. Arcade Fire – Reflektor

    Lots has been said already about this album. Quite frankly, I was surprised that I liked it as much as I do. It’s just a damn good album. Pushes the band further into electronic territory, but with constant touchpoints with their analog talents. If you haven’t picked it up yet, add me to the list of people who have already told you that you should.

    Favorite song: Porno

    9. Of Montreal – Lousy with Sylvianbriar

    Man, I haven’t cared about Of Montreal in many years. Fun shows in grad school in the mid-2000’s, but then I got bored with their sound. This, like Arcade Fire, was a bit of a surprise for me. I think the album was a refreshing turn out of rather dark emotional territory for the band/Kevin Barnes and back into light-hearted psychedelia. I decided this fall that I needed more upbeat music, and this hit the spot. Music for sunny Saturday mornings.

    Favorite song: Fugitive Air

    10. The Soft – Uncanny Valley EP

    A largely overlooked EP from a Suffolk-based trio, I fell immediately in love with this churning, muggy, psychedelic nugget when it came up streaming on Dazed Digital’s Soundcloud. It hasn’t worn out under repeated listening.

    Favorite song: Painted

    Runners Up

    11. Forest Swords – Engravings
    12. Darkstar – News from Nowhere
    13. Iceage – You’re Nothing
    14. James Blake – Overgrown
    15. Burial – Rival Dealer EP
    16. Jon Hopkins – Immunity
    17. Moderat - II
    18. The Knife – Shaking the Habitual
    19. Ssaliva – Birth Body EP
    20. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City
    21. Run The Jewels – S/T
    22. Willow Beats – Alchemy EP

    Late Discoveries

    Robot Koch – Cosmic Waves (2012)
    The Districts – Telephone (2012)
    Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse (2012)
    Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim (2012)
    Holy Other – Held (2012)
    Keith Jarrett – The Koln Concert (1975)
    Cube Face – Fair Use EP (2012)

    Pittsburgh Locals

    Western Pennsylvania – Born Again Blues (2012)
    Nic Lawless and Young Criminales – Sunless (2013)
    RIVKA – Faded (2013)

    Derek Murphy

    Most enjoyed things of 2013 were as follows;

    - Dead Man Down
    - Bad Ass
    - Colombiana
    - Before Sunrise
    - Before Sunset
    - Silver Linings Playbook
    - 21 Jump Street (Watched this about 10 times now… seriously funny film!)
    - Argo
    - Bachelorettes
    - Seven Psychopaths
    - This Is 40
    - Super 8
    - The Sapphires

    - Searching For Sugarman (Can’t praise this enough… amazing rounding out of knowledge on Sixto Rodriguez, who Dave McGuinness put on a comp way back in 1999 for me)
    - Sound City (Nicest man in Rock continues on the path to rock niceness deification)
    - Gonzo - The Life And World Of Hunter S Thompson
    - The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone

    - Rodriguez – Searching For Sugarman
    - Fidlar - Fidlar
    - Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School Of Medicine - White People And The Damage Done
    - Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart
    - Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird
    - Bliss n Eso - Circus in the Sky
    - James Blake - Overgrown
    - DJ Format & Phil Most Chill - The Foremost
    - La Fine Equipe - La Boulangerie 2
    - Elvis Costello & the Roots - - Wise Up Ghost
    - Primal Scream - More Light
    - Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
    - Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher - Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher

    - Dennis Wilson - Ocean Pacific Blues
    - The Kinks - are the Green Preservation Society
    - The Jean Leccia Interpolation - The Jean Leccia Interpolation
    - The Members - Live At The Chelsea Nightclub
    - Joe Jackson – Look Sharp
    - The Electric Flag - An American Music Band
    - Stephen Stills – Stephen Stills
    - Mandrill - Composite Truth
    - Masters Of Reality – Masters Of Reality
    - The Tragically Hip – Fully Completely

    - Chris Cleave - “The Other Hand”
    - Andrew Smoth - "Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth”
    - Justin Cronin - "The Passage”
    - Tim Winton - “The Turning” & "Dirt Music”
    - Sean Doherty - "Bra Boys 'My Brother's Keeper”
    - Michael Crichton - "Pirate Latitudes”
    - David Donovan - "Once A Warrior king”
    - Amor Towles - “ The Rules Of Civility”
    - George R.R. Martin- "Dance With Dragons" (Game Of Thrones 5)

    Best Gig
    -They Might Be Giants – Auckland

    Ken Murray


    Harlan County - miners strike documentary from 1976
    Gravity - beautifully shot, the storyline was decent enough but didn’t matter. One of the greatest cinematic experiences I' ve had the pleasure to see
    The harder they come - Jamaican classic which only got around to seeing this year !
    Re-watching Stop Making Sense with Orla. Brillian performance art


    The returned (English Subtitles, Channel4). Nicely shot...eerie appeal
    Breaking Bad, standard on most lists this year I'd say
    Season 4 of Treme. What a show...better than The Wire ?
    Re-watching The West Wing - brilliantly written and makes politics interesting (not irish politics though)
    9th year of not having a TV ....


    Neil Young & Crazy Horse @ RDS. People complained he didn't play enough 'songs' they knew. Obviously don't know The Horse !
    Braids @ Workmans - With Ave, Richenda et al. Real characters/nerds (in a good way)
    Public Enemy @ Button Factory - with Billy, blagged in fr free and ended up stumbling into the PM dressing room. Welcome to Dublin Chuck !
    Misc madness at the Castletown House "Big House Festival" - Laura Murphy "Grounds', "The Key Notes", "LAPD" and


    Being millimeters close to starting to build our house....what a year to get this far !
    Killarney Advernture Race. 68K of murder ;-) but placed 300 out of 380 competing in the hardest category (with 1,600 in the other categories)
    Dingle Triathlon: especially turning on the mobile lights, turning on the water, forgetting vouchers, forgetting keys etc etc (but at least the porridge was cool enough to eat ! Good crew, great weekend
    Climbing Mount Brandon on a glorious glorious glorious day with Tom and Dave.
    Throwing shapes with the annual Christmas lunch crew in The Dice var on 21st Dec, L Mulligan Grocer beforehand was great start to this years event
    Wicklow Way TT - 26k's in wild snowy and dry weather. Good result too !

    Martin O'Gorman

    Top Ten highlights

    This year it will have to be a highlight list for me. Although I have heard loads of new music, mainly inspired by An Taobh Tuathaill radio show, I seem to be streaming and not buying, listening to tunes and ignoring albums, this is a first for me and the lesson learnt is to be more proactive about keeping track of those tracks.

    Streaming music

    An Taobh Tuathaill For the second year running this show has been my listening inspiration, it still goes out 5 nights a week. its still in gaelic, and the music played is still ahead of the wave, cutting edge new music mixed nicely with old classics.

    Donal Dineen continued his show into 2013, its once a week and three hours long and along with ATT has defined my listening and music discovery this past year


    Field Day is a brilliant little one day festival in Hackney, east London. Highlights this year were many, a beautiful sunny day kicked out perfectly with Thomas Mapfumo. Kev was there, Mat, Michelle and Igor too. Mount Kimbie, Four Tet, Mulatu Astatke, Animal Collective, Do Make Say Think. We had fun and will be going back for more this year. It has grown to a two day festival for 2014 with the Pixies headlining the second day.

    Other brilliant gigs this year were....

    1. Jose James in Village Underground
    2. Mulatu Astatke in Village Underground
    3. Owiny Sigoma Band in Cmden Jazz Cafe
    4. Goat in Koko, London


    I hope to find at least one masterpiece a year these days. Roberto Bolano's Savage Detectives was the read of the year for me. His style is unique, hundreds of vignettes combine to tell a story that is part road trip, part literary adventure, part love letter to the Mexico of the 70s. It is a wild and magical journey though space and time and that other dimension that makes some books great.

    Other highlights

    Some years you find time to listen to music, to read and go to lots of gigs. This year was all about family, Lily's first birthday, buying a house and spending all our spare London time turning it into our home. It has been great to have friends come and stay, great that my sister Michelle moved to London so 2013 was really about the people that are close to us, hanging out with them and having fun.

    Caroline O'Reilly


    Top 10 Albums

    1.Silence Yourself - Savages
    2.Factory Floor - Factory Floor
    3.Lost - Trentmoller
    4.Perils from the Sea - Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle
    5.Push the Sky Away - Nick Cave
    6.Drone Logic - Daniel Avery
    7.The New Life - Girls Names
    8.Mosquito - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    9.Doris - Earls Sweatshirt
    10.Welcome oblivion - How To Destroy Angels
    11.Drifters / Love is the Devil - Dirty Beaches
    12.Hesitation Marks - Nine Inch Nails
    13.Shaking The Habitual - The Knife
    14.Immunity - Jon Hopkins
    15.Aleph - Gesaffelstein
    16.Light Up Gold - Parquet Courts
    17.Mark Kozelek & Dessertshore
    18.R.A.P Music - Killer Mike
    19.Scorpio Little Devil - The Revival Hour
    20.Cold Sprint Fault Less Youth - Mount Kimbie

    Top 10 Gigs

    1.Savages - Electric Picnic
    2.Tindersticks - Vicar Street
    3.Dirty Beaches - Whelans
    4.Factory Floor - Electric Picnic
    5.Jennifer Evans - Fumbally
    6.Calexico - Olympia
    7.Parquet Courts - Whelans
    8.Bjork - Electric Picnic
    9.Coco Rosie - Button Factory
    10.Villagers - Olympia

    Peter Ward

    Colin Waugh


    In a year full of all the noise of streaming/spotify/free music , it hasn't been easy to pick a definite top 10. For me, it has been the best year for music since 2005. Glad to say 3 well deserving Kiwi bands in the list : Phoenix Foundation, SJD, Unknown Mortal Orchestra ( sorry no room for Lorde=The old XX drum machine trick + annoying voice , no thanks ) and tried but failed to get the hype of MBV/Arcade Fire/Kanye West.

    The 10 albums I have come back to the most in no particular order are

    1 - Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
    2 - The Phoenix Foundation - Fandago
    3 - Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
    4 - SJD - Elastic Wasteland
    5 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
    6 - The National - Trouble Will find me
    7 - British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy/From the Sea to the land beyond soundtrack
    8 - John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts
    9 - Ezra Furman- Day of the dog
    10 - Deafheaven - Sunbather

    11 - Special mention /Jazz : Turner/Trotignon - Dusk is a quit place

    track of the year, no question : Lose yourself to dance /Daft Punk .1 song that restored my faith in why we celebrate music , the only song that consistently had my 3 children dancing an clapping around the living room , no better vote of confidence!

    other stuff from 2013

    best film- The Hunt
    biggest let-down considering the hype/ my expectation : Django Unchained/The Master and come to think of it pretty much every movie I saw this year in the English language except Gravity and Mud
    Breaking bad - better than any movie I have seen, another year where a tv series surpasses anything in the movies

    Best gigs- Leonard Cohen
    - The Phoenix Foundation

    Best book( a toss between)
    - The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao/Junot Diaz
    - The Gathering/Anne Enright

    Best Sporting moment
    - Getting to Croke Park , All- Ireland Hurling Final Cork v Clare drawn game on our trip from Christchurch to Ireland , epic.

    Best experience
    - Going to Scott base Antarctica for 3 days in October, mindblowing.

    very much looking forward to hearing what the northern hemisphere has been into this year
    over and out

    Declan Waugh

    Best Film: Headhunter
    Its difficult to pick a best film of the last year but after some reflection I will go with one that many people perhaps have not seen and one that not only myslef but the entire membership of our film club in Bandon thoroughly enjoyed.
    First prise by a whisker is the Norwegian action thriller film based on the 2008 novel of the same name by Jo Nesbø. Refreshingly entertaining.

    Second prize: The Intouchables broke box office records in its native France and across Europe. Based on a true story of friendship between a handicap millionaire (Francois Cluzet) and his street smart ex-con caretaker (Omar Sy), The Intouchables depicts an unlikely camaraderie rooted in honesty and humour between two individuals who, on the surface, would seem to have nothing in common.Uplifting comedy that was a joy to watch.

    Third prize: Gravity. A wonderful science-fiction thriller and space drama film. Fantastic special effects.

    Best Album 2013:
    This past year I managed to listen to some amazing music that was unknown territory for me. This was almost entirely to Tower records in Dublin and the selection of recommended music as picked by staff in the store. It was a difficult choice but in the end i picked the album that I listened to the most.
    First prize goes to Clogs, The creation in the garden of Lady Walton. Sublime album.

    Second prize: Grizzley bear, Shields. Again just an amazing album.

    Third Prize: Saburo Ubukata, Reflection Primal.

    Special mention also to I sleep at waking by Memotone, Vyvienne Long with The Balanescu Quartet Live, Random Access Memories by Daft Punk, Life is people by Bill Fay and Go by Jonsi.

    All amazing albums that I will continue to listen to in 2014.

    Best Meal:
    Fish Curry made by Tom Corcoran in Athlone. Definitely the best curry of 2014.

    Best live Gig:
    Managed to see a few bands live this year, First prize goes to Depeche Mode, what an amazing gig, first time getting to see this iconic band that had such a huge influence on my musical experiences in the 80s and 90s.
    Second prize: Iron and Wine in the Olympia. What an amazing gig.
    Third prize, Vyvienne Long with The Balanescu Quartet Cork City.
    Fourth Prize: Bruce Springsteen, Limerick, Fifth Prize: The Villagers, Cork.

    Best Book:
    First Prize: Dr. George Waldbott, The Struggle with Titans,
    Second Prize: Dr. Hans Moolenburgh Fluoride the Freedom fight
    Third prize: Christopher Byson- The fluoride Deception.

    Best Magazine: Hotpress for their reporting on fluoride.
    Best journalist: Adrienne Murphy of Hotpress for her incredible investigative reporting about artificial fluoridation.

    Thats all folks from me this year.