Top 10 2006 Compilations

For the last 6 months of 2006 I started a substantial daily car commute and with a 10 cd changer in the car, the top 10 compilations have been awesome, I've listened to them more that other years and really enjoyed them...I did end up purchasing a 300 cd wallet holder for all the cds though.

There was various bleats about wastage and podcasts....wastage is a topic close to my heart but in this consumer age if were all about wastage from a music standpoint we would not buy any cds at all....anyway these concerns prompted a wee survey of participants and the results are in! Out of the 15 people who want to do compilation cds this year this is what the majority voted for :

Sorting through the noise of various comments there are a few points to make:

The Top 10 2006 cd compilers are :

  1. michelle (switzerland)
  2. chris hill (england)
  3. murph (new zealand)
  4. martin (england)
  5. cara (usa)
  6. nate (usa)
  7. garbhan (ireland)
  8. mark (england)
  9. dave (ireland)
  10. tom (england)
  11. peter (ireland)
  12. kevin (netherlands)
  13. chris louca (england)
  14. marky b (england)
  15. tracy (austria)

The addresses are at the usual page, email me if you have forgotted where.

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Here are the previous year's compilations:

The compilations are all also navigable from the contributors icon below.