Top 10 2023 #28

I had an excuse this January which was a mad month for me workwise but I've been dragging my heals since. Thanks for all your patience.

Thanks for your lists I am looking forward to getting stuck into some new music, TV Shows and podcasts. I hope you enjoy perusing this St Patrick's weekend.

I used Niall's suggestion a little to use ChatGBT to help put the HTML code together and it's very useful, much better of course are the HTML/markdown files that people send, but don't worry about that, fantastic to get the lists and keep this going!

We have a first this year, Orlando, Declan's son, becomes the first of the next generation to contribute. I'll leave it up to ye to conclude if the past is in full recycle mode! Also welcoming old friends, Ian, Erina and John, great to have ye contributing.

Back to normal transmission with Brendan and Chris Louca returning... Frank is back for the first time in 22 years! Frank, you might have thought that would be unique but Chris Luke comes back after 27 years, finally I got his details again!

Help requested: 6 missing emails now become 5, if you have a means of tracking down one of these former contributors please do: Darren Butler, Karen Clayton, Gavin Coughlan, Brian Hudner, and Antony Williams.

Talk to you soon hopefully, Tom.

Album of the year

  1. PJ Harvey - I inside the Old Year Dying
  2. Sufjan Stevens - Javelin
  3. boygenius - the record
  4. Slowdive - Everything is alive
  5. Lankum - False Lankum
  6. Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World
  7. Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy
  8. Blur - The Ballad of Darren

Film of the year

  1. Oppenheimer
  2. Past Lives
  3. An Cailín Ciúin
  4. Barbie

TV of the year

  1. The Bear
  2. Succession
  3. Slow Horses
  4. The last of us

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